Apr 18, 2010

Say A Little Prayer

I came across this doa from Nuurill's blog a while back and feel that its a complete wish to ask from Allah the Almighty.

Arwah would've been 1 year old a few days back..and here I am anxiously waiting for my little miracle to be delivered anytime now..(I am 38 weeks today) I just feel like sharing it with everyone and it's a little prayer I have for myself..

Ya Allah! Sekiranya memang inilah yang telah ditentukan padaku, maka dekatkanlah ia dengan hatiku. Permudahkanlah segalanya..
Tapi sekiranya tidak, jauhkanlah ia. Berikanlah petunjuk agar ku dapat mencari sesuatu yang lebih baik. Yang telah Engkau tentukan..

I am anxiously waiting for my labor signs.. I think I might've experienced a few contractions since morning but it's too far apart to do anything. I am just monitoring the baby's movement for now and alhamdulillah so far everything is ok.

I have another check up with the good doctor this coming wednesday..maybe I'll see him sooner than that..I don't know. But I hope everything will go well from now onwards..

I already had a false alarm a few weeks back (was the same night I was supposed to meet up with the girls!!) but it was what it was..a false alarm..admitted for a night for observation tho due to my previous history..

*little baby..hope you'll give your mama MAJOR signs that you're coming ok? Your mama might be a bit paranoid on the little signs..*

And am honestly bored outta my head now....:P

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