Apr 5, 2010

New Member has Arrived!!!

No!! I haven't given birth yet..and i know I said that I'd prolly blog after I have given birth..but this is a news I just can't resist to share..

My cousin Jaja gave birth to a baby girl yesterday at 12.48pm (i think?).. So i just wanted to share the news with everyone! I haven't visited her yet coz i have a few stuffs to do at home before i ship myself to my in-laws tomorrow (home renovations will begin tomorrow..) But will definitely go and visit her tomorrow onwards..

We're about 2 weeks apart (her EDD is supposed to be on the 17th April) so MAYBE this means another 2 weeks for me??? I will be 37 weeks next week so it should be ok...Will find out this friday on what the doctor decides..

I am SOOO excited for my dear cuzzie and myself too....mintak doa semuanya lancar dan selamat for all of us new mommies and mommies-to-be (yes..that means you guys too Azie and Mariko!)

So okay..that's all for now. Will do my best to keep you all posted on my progress..

*Sorry aa cik rawkstar..entry berbau keibuan..x dapek den nak menolong! Aku takmo jadi follower no 109 kau...tunggu nombor cantek lagi...*


  1. chupp chupp. nnt aku dh kawen jadi puan rawkstar ke?


  2. Tak..jadi puan jerung laa opkos!!hahahaha!

  3. saw ur entry yg ni when i was at Bali and tgk tittle je dlm hati berkata 'oh my god, sasha dah meletop ke?' tetibe bace penuh bukan ceh
    anyway, enjoy mkn puas2 puan sasha be4 kempunan nak mkn nanti..haha



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