Feb 7, 2010

Count the Blessings

With everything that has happened in my life lately..many has asked me how am I able to keep such a strong front.

Honestly..I don't know how...

Met up with an old friend a few days back. oh by the way Kak Hanis..."happy belated birthday laaa!" It was the day after her birthday when we met. But because it took HER THIS LONG to finally meet up with me, terlupa nak wish...we talked so much because there was soo many things to catch up. But I did wish you the day before kannn....

And as usual...when with her..the stories are NEVER ENDING..with the backlashes at each other (mostly coming from me)..funny stories, old stories, new stories..GOSSIP..hahahaha! I had fun spending the whole afternoon with her.

I also noticed a pleasant change in her. She just turned another decade (I make you sound so ancient kann?) but never have I met someone with her status who is so confident and carefree about being so. Although she did rant for a while that it was surreal she's turned into a whole new number..With having her whole weekends full up til April with god knows what she has planned out..going to BOTH babyface's concert in Singapore AND KL..her running tourneys and holidays..and classes in between..she sounds like she's having the time of her life..

I like seeing my friends happy..I didn't see her when she wasn't..But I'm happy she came through and I hope she has found herself...

I guess that is how I have always survived any tests or ordeals that god has given me..by counting the blessings..not only mine, but also those around me..and be happy for them. It does gives me a sense of comfort and contentness when good things happens to my loved ones...few comes my way..but I cherish them all.

But when tested..I try my very best not to dwell on it too long. One advice my mom gave me when I was really young and kept to heart.."Sleep on it..things always seems better in the morning" and yes..it always does. Time heals all...but you have to let it heal by letting go.

I will always think of my late son...there are still days when I cry for him, missing him and thinking what it would be like to have him around..But I have another miracle on the way. I hope against all hopes that she will be born safe and healthy...And I will do my very best to love and care for her..like I would have done for my son..

I count my blessings..maybe you should too and perhaps life would be a happier journey for you..

"When a door closes, a window opens..."

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