Feb 24, 2010

The Theorist: The Gmail Theory

One of my many (bad) habits at work is keeping in touch with friends via IM. I have a few who are my regular causes of senyum-sorang2-kat-opis and one of them just dubbed himself as the Theorist. Somehow I am always the victim to listen to his theories..mainly about how to get girls..So today (and maybe many more entries after this..) I have started a new tag JUST FOR HIS THEORIES and labelled it as 'the theorist.'

The Gmail Theory

Mak Buyung: Aku terharu kau dl Gtalk semata nak chat ngan aku
The Theorist: Manede..aku kene ikut perkembangan semasa..
                     Budak2 zaman sekarang mana main MSN atau YM dah
                     Cube kau bayangkan, bile aku jumpe 'kari' muda
                     Pastu aku tanya "What's your msn/ym id?"
                     Mesti dia respon "Oh..you're so yesterday..we use gtalk now!"
                     Cuba kalau aku tanya "What's your gtalk id?"
                     Mesti dia jawab "Wow! You're so cool!"

*nasib baik ko tak mintak mIRC punya nickname dude!!and btw..aku rasa kau akan lagi advance kalau kau mintak BB id!hahahah!*

Please note that the conversation has been edited sbb dah lama gile kitorg cakap pasal bende ni. I don't remember it word for word..but that's the essence of it!

definition 'kari' = awek

Next theory..Berpura-pura Pondan...wait for it ok?


  1. told you i can write a book about this.

  2. yes..and the title should be

    "The Theorist: Theories not to be taken Seriously"

    hahahaha! or..

    "The Theorist: For your entertainment only!"

    jangan kecewakan org dgn teori2 kamu peah....



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