Feb 8, 2010

What to Pack in your Maternity Bag, Asian version..

In response to Azie's comment, I have come out with the list of things to be included into our maternity bag when we go for labor. My list might not be complete but I have researched online about the list of stuffs to bring online, none seem to suit our asian ways. So based on my past experience, these are a few things I think are essential to bring. Please note that the amount of the stuffs to bring are approximate coz it depends on how long you will be in the hospital. Some might need less..some might need more..up to you.

For mommy-to-be

Kain batik - at least 3pcs (more if you like..depends on how long your stay in the hospital)
Buttoned down shirts - at least 2pcs (for easy breast feeding when baby arrives)
T-shirts - (to wear before going into labor la)
Cardigan or buttoned sweatshirt - it can get cold in the hospital kan?
Socks - at least 2 pairs
Slip-on shoes or slippers - you'll be wearing socks after bersalin.
Maternity pads - 1 pack, make sure you have the strings for them too. Some hospitals will provide, but best to have your own set.
Toiletteries - toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cream/gel, body lotion, facial wash, hairbrush, scrunchie, make up(if you wear them laa).
Maternity bra
Change of underwears 
Barut + hot oil - for after delivery or when going home

If you get admitted earlier or decide to check yourself in earlier than you due date, get clothes that you are comfortable to wear. For me, it's always kain batik and suami's t-shirt :)

For baby 

Receiving blanket
Cloth diaper
A complete set of baby's clothes - including barut baby, mittens, booties, cap (if you like)
Baby Diapers
* bundle these stuffs up in the receiving blanket or the cloth diaper so it will be easy for the nurses to find them when they are done cleaning the baby and want to clothe them before sending them to you.

Maybe another set of clothes for the baby too for when you want to take the baby home.
Baby wipes.

Am a bit inexperience for the baby stuffs. So I am not sure if we should bring the baby's essential toiletteries like minyak telon or Yu Yi oil. But I think the hospital will clean and wash the baby for us before we take them home. Am not sure, so maybe we should ask those who's been through this before. But to get your bases covered, just use shower gel for babies for yourself so that in case we need to bathe the baby ourselves, we have it already kan?

The Extras

Air selusuh (if you have any la)
Dried fruits or granola bars or buah kurma - some snacks to keep the energy going before going for labor. Trust me..you'll need all the energy you can get.
Namelist + phone numbers of people you'd like to notify when the bundle of joy arrives. Suami might not know ALL your friends or family members. This list is more for the husbands to use.

So these are the stuffs that you can pack into your bag and leave the bag in the car maybe when you're in your 30th week onwards..no need to kelam kabut when you do go into labor nanti! :)

And make sure you keep your hospital card and health insurance card, IC and other important documents in your handbag. And I'd advice for you not to change your handbags anytime soon for now. Just incase it gets a bit chaotic when you're going to the hospital, at least the husband knows which one is your handbag. Wouldn't want to go to the hospital and not have your ID with you right?

So these are just a few suggestions from me. Maybe I have left out a few items so let's exchange notes.

*in my 28th week now..time seem to fly by so fast..:)*

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  1. great list.. nk tambah .. jgn lupa bawa bantal fav, in case nak selesa..and also gossip magz or anything to kill the time in case dilation take hours.. hehe..



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