Feb 22, 2010

Blessings from Suami

Throughout my pregnancy experience, I have heard a lot of old wives tales about pregnancy..from how to tell if you're having a boy or a girl, to what to eat/not to eat, to what to see/not to see incase your baby will look like those things you see (not very convinced about this, but no intention of not following it either..)

But the most interesting and I find quite logical (and sometimes proven true through my personal observations laa) is the one that my mom told me recently..

"Blessings from your husband, will help you go through labor much easier.."

Hohohoho! Suami was sooo happy when I told him about this "Best la..Mama dah kasi I lesen besar! Sekarang you tak boleh Derhaka dengan I!!Hahahahaha!" Suami ketawa besar...because all these while, everyone has told him that because I am pregnant, he must fulfill whatever I want/need..but this 'thing' my mom said..means other wise :P

Point of the story is..you see..as a muslim, we have always known that once a girl marries, she is no longer the responsibility of her parents. All her sins and doings (good and bad) will be borne by the husband. Even is she has served the husband well, without the blessing of her husband, she will not be able to go to heaven (but there are fine prints to this believe too ok..it only applies if the husband has treated her well and fair will he have the authority to determine whether she can go to heaven or not).

I think there is some truth to this tale my mom told me. Because a good husband goes through the hardship and tests of a pregnancy as well (there are some husbands who has morning sickness too okay!) He may not go through the exact thing that us women go through, but he is tested nonetheless. Although when we go into labor, it's almost as if we're battling life and death..and there is no way that he will ever be able to feel the pain that we go through..but no good husband could bear seeing his wife in such pain without feeling it in his own way..

When we are pregnant, we get special treatment from almost everyone (I got free drink while waiting for my tapau lunch just now..)..but husbands with expecting wives gets pressured with the thought of the responsibilities that he is about to bear, the things he has to do to provide for the new member of the family and ensure that the wife is as comfortable as she can get..his blessings to make labor for the wife easier is I guess just god's way of giving him some credit so that the wife doesn't take advantage or misuse on all the special treatments that she is getting...agree?

Well..in suami's case..I hope he doesn't feel as if I have 'derhaka' to him or anything. As far as I know..I don't think that I have done anything wrong to him..but it's always safe to ask for his forgiveness before I go into the labor room (another 'petua orang2 tua' before we go into labor too!)

I love you sayang..and I'm sorry if I have done anything wrong to you or hurt you in any way ok? Konpem nak mintak berkat suami ok!!!!

My fav picture from our solemnization that was just recently uploaded by Zarith a few weeks back!
Ni baru laa moment amik berkat kann??heheheh!

*in case you didn't know..I am 30 weeks now..my expected due date is 1st May (penat dah jawab soklan org tanya bile aku nak beranak...) harap maklum!*


  1. aww.. love the pic.sweetness! nizar looks so 'different'. mcm org lain la. ehehe. agree with you, blessings quite important, before masuk labor room, nk mintak maaf kat semua especially to hubs and family. uuhh.. start counting days, babe!

  2. 'different' as in lagi kurus ke??hahahah!! dia teman aku gemuk taww!hahahah!he's blaming me for his food cravings!!!!

    yes..yes..countdown beb!excited & berdebar kan....all the best to you ok beb!

  3. gosh! i can juz imagine nizar's face while flaunting his 'lesen besar' :D hahahaha!



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