Aug 12, 2010

My Ramadhan This Year..

I don't have any excuses this year to skip I'd do it intentionally. What do you think I am? 5yrs old?

So anyway..since the last 2 Ramadhans I was preggers..this year I hope to get all 30 days complete. I truly welcome Ramadhan this year coz it's the first since I was married that I'm not feeling nauseous or gassy!

Day 1 - Nightmare at Pasar Ramadhan

Told my mom no need to cook tonight. My poor dear mother forgot to wake up for sahur so all the more reason I didn't want her to cook for break-fast. When I got home from work, suami was already there. His working hours are from 7.30am-4.00pm, but no change for my work time *frown* So when I got home, changed and went off with suami on his bike to KJ. We want Nasi Kerabu.


Too many people! Too many RUDE people! I mean..come on..we're all fasting too ok. You don't have to push and shove..nor should you cut my line when I'm ordering! I was waiting for my turn to order my Nasi Kerabu for more than 20minutes (the pakcik was so sloww too so that added to the stress) and when the pakcik finally took my order, he went and did the person next to me punya order because he thought his wife was doing mine..when in fact, the wife was attending to another person who had the same order as mine!

I had half a mind to jantung dah berdebar-debar cam nak pecah tahan marah sebab dia layan org yang datang later than me..But..wooosaahhhh...dia pun puasa. I could see he was tired. So I said calmly.."Pakcik..makcik buat order orang lain..yang tu saya punya.." 

But I'm sooo sorry face memang tak kaver line langsung..Kelam kabut dia siapkan my order. And nasib baik he gave it to me..coz after that..they ran out of nasi kerabu!

I got discount RM1.50...

See..these are moments when I truly don't like people thinking that I'm chinese! What??You think I don't deserve to be served first just because you thought I was chinese?? Hello! Aku melayu laaaa! Aku puasa jugak tau!

So today..I don't want to go Pasar Ramadhan. Suami can go on his own if he wants to. I'd rather cook than kurangkan my pahala puasa cursing people...

Day 2 - Sleepy nyaaa!!!

Sleepy kan? Is it because I actually woke up for sahur?

My little CKD pun sebok nak sahur! At 5am when the alarm went off, I could hear her restlessness in the cot..sign.."Mama..I want my susu!" So I b/feed her for a bit then went and had my sahur. Suami don't get up for sahur but just has a glass of water.

So dah settle suami  & anak..pegila makan. This morning I made sure my mom woke up. But kesian..she tak sempat eat her rice coz it was still cooking when the azan subuh came on..But at least we managed to eat the leftover chicken we had for break-fast the night before. And also had some oats. So okay la...but tomorrow morning we're waking up at 4.30am.

So when I went back to bed, thinking of b/fing CKD again since I'm sure the first feed wasn't kecik tu tido cam kayu! Like father, like daughter! :P But I woke her at 7am and b/f her so that I won't suffer at work with an engorged breasts!

Kat office dah mcm zombie....and it's only 2.30pm right now........tick tock tick tock....

Nak masak apa malam ni? Mmg tak pegi laa pasar ramadhan...

sigh..time to LLB with hopes that the time would fly by..

*eventho I don't like to go to Pasar Ramadhan..the nasi kerabu was worth the wait. Plus..the ayam percik sold next to the stall (who's selling pulut udang too) is sedap. But you might need to microwave the chicken for about a minute or so when you get home..Plus, suami says the Itik Panggang he got was good too..I wouldn't know..I don't eat duck, like I don't eat rabbit meat or veal..*


  1. sepet,i think to masak,u just prep up the stuff nak masak.mak aku selalu prepare sblm masuk tido.
    sayur dah potong siap2,pastu kalau ikan dia dah keluarkan siap2 boh apa yg some time.

    aku tak boleh param.balik rumah pon time pose aku bukan kaki param.semak!lgpon kalau param subang pergh.....dugaan beb dugaan

  2. hahah!kann!param mmg dugaan..dulu no param, no food!skang..masak aje laa!

    semalam aku kong!kol 9pm dah masuk tido..maka sahur pun terlajak!mlm aku aku cuba prep siap2!



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