Aug 11, 2010

What Makes You Stay?

Salam Ramadhan everyone!

On the way to work, was listening in to (I have abandoned hati with the money they're giving away..I'm always driving when they're doing it so I can't call in!) Jules and Prem came across this article this morning hence the topic was 'if you were leaving your company, how would you do it in style?'

It's was like a sign or something I tell ya!

So yes..that's the big secret..that's the thing that I've been feeling so stressed out lately.

But really..what makes you want to stay at your workplace? I many people are so unhappy at their workplace..but what do you really want? What will make you happy?? Most people would leave after a couple of years (some can't even last a month) but there are some who stays for decades or til they retire..But before I go any further..whatever I say here are merely ideas in my head ok? It's not associated with anyone living or dead!

So 2 cents worth. I think, with the experiences that I've of the list..

1. Your boss
To me, working for someone who looks out for you, guides you but at the same time gives you the freedom to do your thing is definitely a plus point. Rewarding you when you get it right (in kinds or words) and guides you when you get it wrong (but not condemning). Fair but firm, recognizes your potential and acknowledges it. Wahh..sound like working for god!! But yeah..I'd give this person my fullest effort.

2. Your collegues
I've had the best collegues in the world, worked alone and had an impossible group to work with..Collegues play a role to help your worklife be more pleasant. I mean, work is still work..but working with people who are on the same wave lenght as you definitely makes it better. More ideas comes in, and its makes you more bersemangat to do your job. When you work with people of totally different susah want to get things across and sooo susah want to plan & execute! I mean, we can never get away with working with people of different level (mentality especially)..but at least if your team all satu chemistry..wouldn't work be bliss?

3. Your opportunity for growth and actually growing there!
Now this is probably what would make you stay longer. And this can happen from two sources..the organization of the company, and the person who determines your growth (your boss la!) If you work for a company which has an amazing organizational path but a boss who'll only supress your lah tak jadi! But if you have a boss who lets you grow as much as you can but company no organization also cannot jadi you know! But janji janji want to let you grow but never give also tak jadi!

4. Your benefits
Ya laa..gaji must kira also! But what I mean by benefits..your working hours, your leave, *public holidays*, insurance coverage and so on and so forth. This is typical laaa. I'm sure we all want similar benefits aye?

5. Company Organization
No organization, the company would probably run like a mad house! I don't want to work in a mad house..mad people I can tolerate..mad house..sigh..

6. Your Job Scope
I am all for being jack of all trade..But sometimes when jack has too many trades..jack can die ok? I think if jack can be a master of one but once in a while testing water in other trades, jack can be very happy and more productive & effective..

That's all I can think of.. I don't want to get myself into trouble for saying more. So..what makes YOU stay?

Can't plan leaving with style if plan to leave also cannot!! How then??

* i think i stayed in Uni very long because i wanted to avoid all this....*
*don't want to but have to but one day will do!*

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