Aug 19, 2010

Last on for the Decade!

I turned 29 last Tuesday.

Sorry I didn't update my blog about it. Was busy..playing with my new gadget..

Thank you Suami!! I <3 my Curve White!
The phone vendor siap kasi housing color pink for free since we were such a regular customer!!haha!!

Hehe! Guess the verdict's in for BB vs. iPhone..

So all you BB users you..your pin code for bbm please! (if I haven't added you already..)

As for my birthday celebration? Nothing much..I guess as I get older, it's doesn't really matter. As long as suami, CKD and all the important people in my life are around, well & happy..I'm happy. Serious!

But my FB wall has never been soo flooded with birthday wishes..*blush* I'm deeply flattered..Thank u all!

It's GREAT being 29..bring on the 30's!!!

Before I leave, just to share my birthday sms I got from my nephew last year..I think it's hilarious!

Woman at 20..mengancam
At 30..bermacam macam
At 40..terancam
At 50..diancam
At 60..tak boleh nak cam!
 Hahah! I am still MENGANCAM!! Tahun depan mungkin bermacam-macam..I dunno..have to wait and see!:P

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