Aug 22, 2010

Counting the Blessings

I am back in my hometown. It was an emergency situation that had resulted in me and my mom to pack our bags in the middle of the night to come back. I have been back for 2 days now and will be going back tomorrow.

My dear cousin is sick to the point that I guess it has broken her strong spirit. I'm scared to see her..not because of getting infected,but because of the memory that it might leave me. She is closest to my fact we are all close to her to the extend that she calls my parents mama & babah and we call hers mak & abah. My mother rushed back home because in her delirium, she thought that my mother had passed on. Even when my mom visited her, she insisted that my mom had come back from the dead to see her..

I can't deal with that...I can't bear to see her like that..

And it made me think..if I was in her shoes..I'd prolly be the same..but difference would be I still have my family to support me and give me the strength I need..if they are still around.

Sadly for my cousin, that is not the case..

On that note..I'm greatful for all the blessings I parents, suami, CKD, my siblings..even my late son..

I wish for my dear cousin to at least find peace should her time to go arrives sooner than later..I love you..

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