Jun 20, 2009

If I Was a BEP

Apl is a member of the BEP and he is Phillipino. They made a tagalog song 'Bebot' which I think has an awesome beat to it. But since I don't understand tagalog, I have no idea what he's singing about. Only word I could pick up was 'chicken adobo' which is a local phillipino cuisine.

bub´ot adj. unripe, immature

couldn't find the exact meaning of Bebot..mebbe it's a slang..

If I was a member of the BEP..I would get Will-I-Am to help me compose a song in Malay..similar to Bebot..called 'Lepak'

*singing to the tune of bebot* "Lepak..lepak jom! Lepak..lepak"

I will definitely be kicked out of the group after the release of the song!hahahah! Either that, my country would prolly disown me...

*sing it to "Rempit..rempit jom! Rempit..rempit" pun boleh!hahahahah!!*

Nasib baik aku bukan Fergie.....aku lagi hot! :P

*berangan pada hari Sabtu yang aku bekerja!*

1 comment:

  1. You are right. Bebot is a slang and it means chick, babe, awek etc, you get the pic..



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