Nov 13, 2008

I am concerned...

Yeay..I have finished my appraisal yang overdue selama hampir seminggu. Biar..Bos jugak yang suke sangat hantar aku kesana-sini sampai aku tak sempat nak menghabiskan bende alah tu. Now all that's left is the report which he wants to see the draft by tomorrow. I have done some so I've got time to say what's on my mind.

The nature of my job or perhaps my company is aimed to saving the environment. So we have all these people coming and visiting our factory. Even school kids.

So yesterday I had 40 form 2 students coming in to learn about recycling. What I found out is saddening..

A presentation that was supposed to take only 45minutes took an hour and a half on to finish. They didn't have a clue as per what is happening to out planet right now.

When asked "Who can give me examples of environmental issues that we are facing today?"..silence...kecuali suara-suara sumbang from the back of the training room.
So i thought..fine..maybe this is too hard. I did finally get a few to say haze and water contamination.
But when asked again "What is causing all these to happen?"
Again all I got was suara2 sumbang.

The best answer to my question "Where does electricity comes from?" "TNB"..selamber..

I mean..these kids are in form 2..they're FOURTEEN YEARS OLD..what's more disturbing is even the teachers don't know...Come on! We are in an age where information is right in front of our EYES! All we have to do is just OPEN OUR EYES...there's the tv, internet, newspaper ( maybe our newspaper is more set on talking about our political crap and stupid gossips about norman hakim)

One student actually came up to me and asked me "Kenape air laut masin aa?Saya tanya cikgu sains saya tapi cikgu saya cakap dia tak tau.."

OMG!!!That was when I got concerned..I'm bringing a child into the world soon..Is my kid doomed too be taught by science teachers who don't even know why the sea is salty? I was deeply disturbed..and disappointed..

What's wrong with the kids today?
Is it because they're so ignorant about anything else but PSPs and cartoons?
Is it because they're not learning enough in school because the teachers are not knowledgable enough?
Is it because our education system is so dated coz our politicians are too busy bitching about each other rather than taking care of the country? The future of our country?
Or is it because their parents themselves don't seem to give the kids the time of day to actually explain and talk about 'stuffs'?Easier to send them off to play their PSPs than bother them with any questions..

Or maybe I am just a sceptical mom-to-be....

OK..maybe to see if I am over-reacting about this..let me get you guys to try the quiz I gave out to them yesterday (which they failed miserably!)

1. Answer true or false
a. Human can consume sea water
b. Melting of ice caps is caused by global warming
c. ALL household wastes are not hazardous
d. Carcinogen is a substance that can cause cancer
e. Producing TEN metal cans from scrap metal saves more energy that producing ONE from raw materials

Subjective questions
2. How much OXYGEN does the atmosphere consists of?
3. What is the LARGEST source of FRESHWATER?
4. Name 2 greenhouse gases
5. Give 2 examples of organic waste

But just so you know..answer for question 1.c is FALSE..why?
1. Your dry-cell batteries and cellphone batteries are hazardous. I won't go into scientific detail but just so you know..1 cellphone battery can contaminate water the size of an olympic swimming pool..
2. Your lightbulbs contains mercury..yes..the white powder in the bulbs contains mercury. And people..mercury CANNOT be destroyed so if released into the air, it will be airborne an can be inhaled by anyone..even you!
3. Your Ridsect (ni jawapan from bebudak skolah tu), your cleaning agents in the house..even your air fresheners (it contains formaldehyde) if these stuffs are not handled may deem hazardous to you.

So there you have it. If you want the anwers..I'll post it in the comment for this post.

*Save the Planet..Save your Life*


  1. fuh...
    seb baik ko x ckp ko tag aku soalan tu...
    mampuih xleh jawab...

  2. aler...dahla aku dah memberi jawapan kat salah satu soklan...tu pun takbley ka?

    heheh *gelak evil*

    Hazim..I tag you!!

  3. nasib baik dalam ramai2 bebudak form 2 tu takde aku ngan tokya...ngna amad...lagi perangai kot.

  4. blog ini cantik..
    tapi slow loading..

    err.. macam blog koi.. hahaha

    haa.. baru keluar tulisan.. tapi koi dah komen.. gagagaga

  5. buih dear..
    jikalau kamu serta sekutu sekutu kamu yang ada kat dalam kelas tu semalam..aku sekeh je sekor2!heheh!

    patience in a virtue..
    knowledge is power..

    harap bace la tulisan tu lepas dia keluar..

  6. main tag tag ni macam main sep-sep ke?

  7. shark...

    macam main selipar tiga!hehehe!



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