Dec 16, 2009

Gwe Pingin Nonton T-Rex Lagi!!

Setelah dikeji tidak rock lagi...I just HAVE to post this up!

Go catch T-Rex at Hard Rock Cafe KL. They'll be here til 30th Jan 2010! *Dah macam PR T-Rex dah aku ni!*

I it the old 'groupie' in me..but these guys are like drugs to me! They are so addictive and their voices just continues to play in my head over and over again after I went to see them perform last week. I want to go again!huhu! But the only time I'm able to stay up late would be a weekend and I don't like the weekend crowd at Hard Rock. Especially when these guys are'll be jammed packed I tell you!

*sigh.......orang lain mengandung ngidam makanan...aku ngidam nak tgk band!*

1 comment:

  1. hmmmhmmmhmmmmm.

    okla. entry ni rock sebab ko gi hard rock.



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