Dec 28, 2009

Last one for the year?

So many things has happened within the last few days starting from the eve of Christmas. That 24th morning, went for my 5th check-up at the doctor's. Alhamdulillah everything is OK with the baby. But during the scan, suami received a VERY sad news. An uncle, although not blood related, passed away about the same moment I was having my check-up. Although we knew he was critical and admitted to the ICU the night before, the news still came as a shock to both of us. I was a bit saddened because I didn't get a chance to see Arwah Pak Din before he passed on because suami felt it was inappropriate for me to follow him to the hospital the night before.

Al-Fatihah Pak Din.. Semoga roh mu di cucuri Rahmat.

Immediately after my check-up, we headed to arwah's home to help prepare for the arrival of the jenazah. We did what we could. Although I only got to know arwah for a short period of time, to me, he too was like an uncle. Someone who made an impact in my life, made a difference and played an important role in the union of me and suami as husband and wife. The faith he had in me for being able to change for the better, and supporting suami with his decision when many were against was truly meaningful. I hope arwah is in a better place now as he has been sick for quite a long time.

My heart goes to suami...having to lose 2 of the most important people in his life within a year. It is very challenging...What's worse is there's not much that I can do. Although I can only share his sadness, hold him and comfort him and sedekah Al-Fatihah to arwah, the loss is big and his alone. Arwah was a man suami really looked up to..someone he'd listen to and turned to. Most of the time, arwah was truly like a father to him although suami still had his own. So I guess, 2009 has been a truly trying year for suami..losing a son and a father figure in the same year..

Only a few more days left to the year...I hope the new year would bring us better news and brighter hope..not just for me and suami, but to everyone out there. Am slightly relieved that the year is over, but it doesn't mean that the challenges coming are...

My new year's resolution? Is to be able to face all the challenges that life will bring with full strength, hope and faith. And most of to be able to see and make sense of the reason behind it all..To learn better...

Take care everyone..I hope the new years brings joy and happiness to everyone! See you next year if not sooner!!


  1. al Fatihah.

    aku pun harap2 yg terbaek untuk taun depan especially gajiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. al fatihah.

    aku nak berenti main gitar ngan main kamera.

    tahun 2010 nak belajar main kibod.


  3. resolusi korang due2 menarik...

    esp tang gaji tu! :)



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