Dec 17, 2009

Hi! My Name Is.....

Suami said if the baby is a boy..he will have sole power to name him..

But if it's a girl...the decision is in my hands. To date..we still don't know what the gender of our baby is yet. I am coming into my 22nd week and will have my next check-up next week. Hopefully this little one will stay put and open wide when the doctor does the ultrasound scan...

So, since I don't have to think about boys names..Here are some names and their meanings that I have come across..

Kaleela - sweetheart
Hessa - destiny
Almira - nisbah (ratio?!?)
Hasya - perfection
Iris - name of flower
Khayla - pretty
Marissa - well mannered (bersopan-santun)
Qaireen - goodness (kebaikan)
Qasrina - castle
Raisha - ruler of king (pemimpin raja)
Rihana - sweet basil
Tahira - pure
Rania - happiness

The meaning might not be precise coz some of it is jumbled in malay and english and sometimes the translation is kinda funny..heheh! I have been throwing about some names already and I think I know what I want..but am not telling until the baby arrives :P

You might notice that the names don't sound like the typical malay sounding names. That's because suami has set a ground rule that he wants the name to sound 'international'..sukati la...To me, as long as it sounds nice and has a good meaning to it is good enough...

I have always like the traditional malay flowers for a baby girl's name..the likes of Melor, Mawar, Melati, Orked, Jasmin etc..but suami don't like..and he wouldn't justify it either! Mengada! But it's okay. Now that I can name our daughter (IF its a daughter)..siapla kalau dia tak register nama anak kitorg with the name that I want......:P


" name is (insert name)...but Daddy Peah says my name is Peah...."

No..Peah is not my husband..He is just someone I would REALLY LOVE to pull my prank on some day....hehehe! What is the prank you might ask?? Well..if one day it get executed..I'll DEFINITELY blog about it....:P


  1. aku hanya ingin menamakan anak lelaki aku Ashraf.

  2. cukupla ada ikan puyu bernama ashraf..

    silap haribulan ko ada anak laki nama ashraf nanti aku panggil Puyu! :P

  3. jangan ah sha..tak kawen aku nanti.

  4. love all the names listed.. but.... tahira.... errrr....

  5. nizar nak nama international?put my name la..emmilda mariko but no meaning behind it. (can ah?) pls tell ur suami that his name doesn't sound international pun la

  6. hehe..
    these are just names i'm listing.i might not even use it.but hopefully it'll be useful for you..

    sbb tu dia nak nama ada dia 'international'..sbb dia tak international!hahahah!dia kata susah if the child study overseas tak reti pronounce..
    *byk pulak duit aku nak hantar anak study overseas...sigh...*

  7. aku suka rihana, tapi meaning tak aku undi rania nanti anak ko hepi selalu ;)...myelsakee

  8. Rania oso means 'queen' ;) so i oso wanna vote for Rania...
    What abt Rania Emily Noor? Or Rania Nicole Noor - inspired by Nicole Scherzinger ;D hehehe...



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