Dec 15, 2009

Weekend Well Spent

I had Friday off last week due to the Sultan of Selangor's birthday. A rare public holiday when I am actually on leave when almost everyone else (except those working in Selangor) isn't. So suami decided to take Friday off as well (since he works in KL) coz he wanted to clear off a few days of his annual leave anyway.

Since we didn't celebrate our 2nd anniversary properly, we decided to do so over the long weekend (but I had to work on Saturday actually). No surprises this time..only proper planning. We checked into Concorde Hotel on Thursday coz I wanted to catch my fave band performing in Hard Rock Cafe. Back in the days when I was a 'Party Animal' I would check these guys out without fail whenever they're in town. Serupa groupie dah time tu! ALMOST everyday kat situ. But they're good! REALLY good..They did their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and their harmony was simply AWESOME!!

Meet T-Rex..Performing now at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur until 30th January 2010. A performance not to be missed! I vouch for it!

Lisa joined us for a while at HRC. Suami who's not really into these kinda things also thought they were good. The best thing was catching up with the band members itself. Back in the days I used to spend quite some time with them when they were in town. It was great to see you guys again especially Rudy and Anya!! Missing was Widya. She has left the band and replaced with (I'm sorry!I didn't get his name) but he was with Asia Reform. So go and check them out while they're still in town! These guys are bound to keep a full house whenever they perform during weekends that's why I prefer to go see them during the weekdays. With my current condition, I am in no position to brave through the club goers!

But we left half way through the second set..because both suami and I had a long day (we came straight from work..checked in and went to HRC for dinner) So don't blame suami for almost always leaving early whenever we go for a concert and what not ok?

Friday, 11th December 2009

We checked out of Concorde and decided to go to Aquaria KLCC. Suami is such an animal lover and has never been to Aquaria KLCC before..hahah!It was sooooo cute seeing him all excited and explaining to me about all the marine life and how he has seen bigger fishes when he goes for his diving. I would have taken pictures but our camera was broken :( The tunnel in Aquaria KLCC is as close to diving as I could go for now..maybe soon I'll get my diving license OK sayang? In due time..but not now.. Next trip..Zoo Negara! Anyone wants to join?

 After Aquaria KLCC, we headed to the Curve to catch a movie. We watched 'The Storm Warriors' but sorry to say, it didn't catch my interest. Although suami is an avid Pendekar Laut/Pedang Setiawan and the comics alike fan, he also felt the movie was a bit slow. More fight scenes from the previous movie, but slow none the less. I fell asleep but was interrupted by the couple sitting next to us yang tengah ber'projek'! :P


Saturday, 12th December 2009

I had to work since I changed my working Saturday with the week before to attend my cousin's wedding in Alor Star. While I was at work, suami had some errands to do at his parents house. Picked me up in the afternoon and we headed to Taipan Subang for my favorite Kelantanese cuisine..AYAM GORENG KAMPUNG!!! Sooo yummy..sorry Amad..but although Anjung Merah in USJ3 is more comfortable, the food in Taipan is nicer la. Again..after lunch, went home to sleep..

Now suami and I have a new hang out spot that we both like to have our coffee and go online..Starbucks Skypark @ Subang Airport..We like it coz its sooo near to our place, not too crowded and the connection is REALLY fast..I can get my food done in Cafe World (my current obsession in FB) in a jiffy!hehehe! So we had our dose of coffee and FB there before we called it a day..

Sunday, 13th December 2009

Suami woke me up early (8am is early for a weekend for me ok!) and off to Jalan Pasar we went! This was one trip I wasn't too excited coz there wasn't anything I needed from Jalan Pasar. They sell all these sound system, electronic, portable dvd players and road hawkers selling binoculars, laser pointers, etc. Suami wanted to get some gadgets for his paintball marker but was shortlived because DBKL was doing their raids that morning. Thought of having the Banana Leaf @ Paandi Jalan Pasar, but it was too early for that too. So we left Jalan Pasar and just drove on..but by that time, it was just nice for us to go for lunch so we headed to Old Klang Road for our fave Chee Meng Chicken Rice.

After that..went for a drive and we ended up in Klang! Hahah! I love it everytime suami takes me to Klang..I am always amazed that we are still in Selangor but in a totally different town from the likes of PJ, Subang etc..It felt like we were in a different state. So we drove about aimlessly and ended up in this baby store 'Twins Baby' opposite from Jusco Klang (near Taman Botanic, Klang..the houses there are SOOO CANTIK!) Haha! This time..suami sakit hati! The baby cots and playpen at Twins Baby was SOOOO FREAKIN' CHEAP!!! Suami sakit hati because we found another travel playpen that was soo cantik and a fraction of what we paid for the playpen that we already have. And we thought our playpen was a steal coz we bought it on sale..this other playpen we saw..was HALF of the discounted price of the playpen we bought previously!! But of better quality and design!! And on top of came with a baby safe latex matress which costs RM129 for FREE!!hahaahah! 

But we also found a beautiful baby cot (which will match the baby's room!) which is adjustable and can be changed into a child's bed for RM689!It was so cantik..but we decided to come back later. They have another outlet in OU I think..but knowing what a bargain hunter suami is..we would probably still come to Klang and get the baby cot (IF we're gonna get it la)

Then we went home...but when we got was only 2pm and we've already covered half of the state of Selangor!hahaha! So apalagas! Tido laaa!! That night we had dinner at Oldtown Kopitiam in Shah Alam with Tariq. He brought back some sata for me and suami and made me homesick for Kuantan! :(

The weekend was definitely well spent despite having to work on Saturday. I like that.. 

*uh-oh..will blog about my FOOD FEST in Alor Star for my cuz's wedding soon* 


  1. wah teruja aku baca pasal baby cot tu.. ko dah beli yg mana? yg aku tgk kat midvalley graco yg best, 3-in-1, bleh jd playpen, tpt tido, and changing table and also portable aku rasa dlm 600+ harga after discount. tp tak beli lagi la, still surveying...

  2. canvas material ke? and easy to bring bile travel kan?haaa!yang itu laaa suami sakit hati!we found yang MACAM graco punya RM289 + free baby safe latex matress for the cot. but there was a nicer one RM350 kot...slightly different design and material but looks much nicer.jap..nnt aku try google gambar.

    they sell graco punya jugak.but tak tgk pulak harga.but it's DEFINITELY cheaper. try check out their OU outlet. mane tau kot2 harga lebih kurang.

  3. uh-oh and they sell baby moses basket convert to playmat. when you zip it up, it's like a bakul utk angkat baby, then when you unzip it, it becomes mcm comforter kecik/playmat. was thinking of you when i saw it. but it's meant for newborns only.sbb it wont be able to support bigger/older babies. but it's RM150 if you're interested la (altho i think sapet will object to it..heheh!)

  4. entah ape2 entry ni. start ngan tgk rock band abih ngan beli katil anak.

    memang terbaik aa!

  5. hahaha!that's how random my thoughts and activites are peah!



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