Dec 8, 2009

'RAIN'ing everyday..

I seem to see Rain everyday now..
Does it mean anything?
Is someone trying to tell me something?
Or it's just my imagination???

THAT BOD!!! 8 months worth of training and diet..but he is soo goofy when he smiles

Sasha poyo!

Aaaaanyway..I've noticed everytime I'm pregnant I get all this weird funny dreams. Boyfriend from a flower bud la, date with Jack Nicholson la..Last night was suami giving birth. YES! SUAMI giving birth to twin nonidentical boys. One had his light brown eyes like his, fair and the other one was darker and the baby could talk. The darker one said his name was 'Adam'. Totally freaked me out a bit coz arwah's name was Adam (the part suami giving birth didn't freak me out tho..)

Then we had a hard time trying to feed the boys..coz HELLO..suami don't have any breast milk. Neither did I coz I was still conceiving. Apparently I was pregnant with twin girls :P Mind you, the baby boys weren't exactly newborn baby sizes..more like 6-7months old and was rolling about.

Weird..maybe because I was going through baby names yesterday (which I plan to blog about soon ok..)

And no, people..I still don't know the gender or my child yet. I'm about 19 weeks now and during my last check up, the baby wouldn't stop moving when the doctor was scanning it. Struggle jugak nak ukur the baby's growth..But alhamdulillah, so far everything is fine. The baby is growing according to its supposed pace.

And I don't think I'm carrying twins either although my belly did suddenly swelled almost overnight. Tetibe semalam rasa sakit pinggang and berat sangat perut ni.

Uh-oh..I think the baby can hear us now. Coz when I was in Alor Star, my mom was nagging profusely and the baby kicked!hehehe! Then when I got back, the baby kicked again when it heard suami's voice..I think it's already familiar with suami's voice because suami talks to the baby everyday now (everytime nak merepot when mama buat perangai..:P) I tried asking the baby if it was a boy or a girl..but the baby won't answer....:( names. (Girls names seems to be more interesting rather than boys' names laaa..Can't seem to find any interesting boys names yet..)


  1. kalau pompuan, ko bagi dia nama Rafeah.


  2. supaya boleh di panggil peah jr??

    i thot we've talked about this can call the baby 'peah' if you's gonna call you 'daddy' anyway!hahahahahahahaha!

  3. the part nizar gave birth to twins.. i LOLed..
    we had a few choices for both baby girl's and boy's... this week gi checkup ..insya-Allah tau kot harap2 nyer dia bukak kaki luas2.. hihi

  4. bagi nama zurina....cantik kan nama tu?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. pls la badan Rain dan goofy smiles tu. menyampah. bluekkk.

  7. azie..

    i hope the baby stays put and you get to find out!!if not, as long as your baby is healthy kan?the suspense is pretty interesting jugak!heheh!aku asyik berdebat je dgn suami pasal baby names.pastu bile dia fedap dia ngadu kat baby!hahaha!

    kalau laki pun nak letak zurina ke?kesian tau anak aku nanti..:P

    ah!dengki!ninja aku lagi hensem dari vampire kau!pbhhttt!!!:P



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