Dec 15, 2009

For mommies and mommies-to-be

OK...since I got my other pregger friend excited about the baby cot, I actually found the website for Twins Baby shop. Check them out here!

They actually have a few outlets, the one in Klang being their latest one. Their outlets are in Ampang, Bandar Utama and Kuantan (that's a sign for me!!). The website will give you an idea of what the prices are like, but nothing beats going there yourself because the website did not cover on their travel cot range and a bunch of other cool stuffs.

Traveling cot+playpen+changing bed. It will fold like an umbrella. This was similar to the one suami bought previously for about RM450 @ Anakku (on Sale) and was sold for only RM289+free mattress @ Twins Baby.

 So go try check them're bound to make the daddies-to-be roll their eyes because of the amount of stuffs you'll want to buy!:P

Azie..see the red arrow in the pic? That's the baby moses basket I was telling you about. It's about RM150. Not in the website tho, so you'll have to go to the outlet to find it. Since you wanted something like that, maybe this would be a good buy coz even if the baby out grows the basket, you can still use it as a playmat.


  1. yeayyyy.... ok i will definitely go 'visit' this weekend. harga pun ok la kan.. consider cheap! thanks babe

  2. ape ni? dah jadi blog ibu2 nak beranak..sungguh tak rock nye.

  3. peah...dia mmg tak rock.tu zaman dia kurus mcm dlm gamba fesbuk

  4. rock ke aku dulu??hahahahaha!ala..sekali sekala taruk iklan..

    lenkali aku rock kembali tapi kene la kasi modal nak rock!

    hard rock la jom!ada bran???tak brani takyah cakap!

  5. ampang katner?klang?gile jauh la sha

  6. kat website dia ada letak map mariko...tanya i..i also dunno! :)



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