Jan 14, 2011

I'm Moving

As I vaguely mentioned in my previous post about the offer that came and I am declining. Well..I gave it a little more thought and saw that there was some option to raise the offer a bit so I submitted my request. They got back to me and the new offer was acceptable..therefor..I am moving to PARIS..eh..Perlis! :P

I have tendered my 30days notice on Monday and my last day (based on my own calculation) will be on the 10th Feb. But I am still waiting for the HR to get back to me if I have any annual leaves to clear. If I do, my last day here will be earlier.

Will be reporting for duty at my new place on the 14th Feb. So soon..

I am excited and nervous both at the same time. Am leaving a place that I know so well (but have honestly grown tired of) and moving to some place so foreign to me. But the prospects are good for both my career and family (and the fact that my mom is coming with me kinda helped me make the decision) so..I know I will get through this like I have always done so.

When I spilled the news to some friends that I used to party with, I think I nearly gave them a heart attack!hehe! They haven't seen me since I got married and I guess I have changed my lifestyle a lot! They were already surprised that I have stopped all sorts of partying, found out I have graduated from school (and became an engineer - they knew I got married so that was ok) and now moving to Perlis to join the academia world..that was a lot to process in one meet after soo many years!hahaha! Sorry guys! Will try to catch up before I leave! Lesser heart attacking news! Promise!!

I will miss my friends here which I don't see as often as I would've liked to. I will miss the convenience and the thought of having them so near. But I have a feeling I might be seeing more of them once I've moved. :)
Guys! My doors are always open for you to come and visit ok? Now you have a reason to come up north since I'm there and I know many of you have never been there!

What I will not miss here in KL is the traffic jam and the amount of time it takes me to get to ANYWHERE! AND the amount of money that I can save!! In Perlis, I can go out do my stuff and be back in half-hour! More time for me and family! Oh and I get to further my studies for free (not including the bond with the Uni of course!)..Get ready to call me Prof. Dr. Nur Syahira peeps!!hahaha! (maybe not so soon...gimme a few years ok?)

But I will still be in touch. What with technologies are today..as Peah said on Twitter
Hahahahah! Yes people..you can always get me on all those means of communication tools apart from the obvious Blog and Facebook (and BBM too..:) ) and other instant messengers!

So..here's to the only constant in life..CHANGE! Wish me luck peeps!


  1. tapi i am the happiest person!!!

    nanti tiap2 kali balik kampung, ada la kawan! yahoooo.

    KG paya noo?

    hang tunggu kat tayar.

  2. hahah!cek dok kg paya temporary je.pastu tak sure pindah hutan aji or arau...but yeah bebeh!hang balik kita pi minum kopi naaa!!

  3. thanks to the Gtalk, FB, BBM and blogspot Sha.
    all the best at Paris :p



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