Jan 7, 2011

Wardrobe Clearance!

So follow up from my previous post (which I actually drafted before the new years but only posted it this week!:P) I cleared out my closet!! And it was perfect timing coz my german 'adek', Sandra,  was in town. The perfect person for me to hand down my collection.

Arrgh..forgot to take piccas of the clothes I purged but I managed to clear out TWO HUGE SHOPPING bags worth and based on Sandra's testimony.."This is like shopping to me, now I have summer clothes to wear in Sydney!" I do have pictures of me wearing those clothes before..but ermm..I think better not! Nanti sensasi sgt tetibe masuk ohbulan!:P

Honestly, Malaysia doesn't have good places to send off old clothes. Been reading a lot of crafty blogs and most of them are from US, but they have access to places like Goodwill or Salvation (army) - i think there are Salvation Army outlets but I don't know if it's limited to Christians only - where they can send and get these pre-loved items. For me, most of the time, my cleaning lady gets dibs coz I just put it in the Refuse Chamber (yes, that's what they call the garbage room!Sounds grand!) at my place.

But these specific items, I was a bit heavy-hearted to just let the cleaning ladies take dibs. Plus what are they going to do with my old clubbing stuffs??hahaha!

So Sandra came over on Wednesday coz the crazy girl's flight leaves for Sydney the next morning! So she took out the stuffs and I told her to choose what she likes first and separate them. Instead of going through them together with her bf's sisters and not being able to get first dibs. So she did and we had loadsa fun  seeing her struggling into my itty bitty mini skirts (and micro too..god!I was soo daring), skinny jeans (sizes 0/24inch waist), bareback tops..hahah! you get the idea! And there were even tops and we used to wear together (she borrowed mine) back in 2005 or 2006! Sadly we BOTH lost the pics we took when we wore them..:( and they were really cute stuffs too..

Sandra: Babe!Take pictures of you wearing your 'new' clothes..esp the pink dress so I can put proof of purchase here!!:)

I even gave Sandra 2 jewelery pouches worth of dangly earrings and I think about 4 pair of shoes (including my fave boots which I know I will never wear)..I left out a few more shoes coz the shoe rack got blocked by stuffs in the store room. Oh well..it's ok! Will just wait til she come back next time..

Hey Sandra..if you're reading this..I hope you'll have as much fun with those clothes as I did before! I'm glad they've found a new home with you..I sleep better at night thinking you will be wearing them instead of some cleaning lady ..*drama*

Okay..let's go shopping!

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