Jun 27, 2011

The Little Blankie Thief

I have a safety blanket..well at least I used to.

Haha..laugh at me if you like but I don't carry my blankie around like Linus from the Peanuts comics.
Linus - Source

But I've had a blankie since I was in boarding school. It was like a security for me when I sleep at night. It was this old flannel baby blanket that belonged to an older cousin of mine. Yes, the original blankie was older than me. And when I went to Uni, it was almost falling to bits. I remember one of my not-so-favorite roomie made a statement about blankie "Oh! Ingatkan kain buruk!". 

So when I graduated, I found another blankie to replace my original one. Original blankie just couldn't be saved anymore. It was this old Ikea single duvet cover with white and yellow stripes. It had the same feel like my old flannel blankie so I was okay with the replacement.

I sleep with the blankie coz I just love the feel of the soft fabric on my face as I doze off to dreamland. It's always there on my bed.

You see, my little baby girl would usually toss and turn all over the bed before she goes of to sleep, whether for a nap or the usual bedtime. One day, my mom decided to give my blankie to CKD just for the fun of it..and you guessed it...

She's the little thief!

The little thief and her loot!

My mom said, with her eyes closed, she pulled the blankie, gave it a little pat and hugged it to sleep! Just like that..no tossing..no turning!

Sigh...now I'm stuck with one of my normal flannel blankets to use. It's no blankie but I guess I'll just have to if it means my daughter will sleep better. Oh the sacrifices we make as parents!

She sleeps with the blankie all the time now. It seems to comfort her, just how it used to comfort me..It's fun to see how she develops her personality as she grows up and to see as much of me and suami's personality in it too. 

Snazzy little fashionista in the making?
Oh well Keisha Damia...whatever makes you happy.

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