Aug 22, 2009

1st day of ramadhan and hopefully a miracle..

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan everyone..

It feels like the new year's for me. So exciting..I dunno why. Maybe because I have a resolution for this Ramadhan and maybe I MIGHT have some good news too..I don't know yet..*sengih*

But am at work now. My working Saturday since the other Safety ppl are on leave. Hungry!!hahahahah!!! Semangat je lebih...lapar tak kaver!:P

Will be at my in-laws today for break fast..yummm..can already imagine all the yummy food my MIL will be cooking, plus the ikan bakar that FIL likes to do so much..adoihhh..torturing myself right now imagining all the food!

Nothing to report today...just waiting on my crops in Farmville to be harvested then off I go..

*I'm late....or am I not?*


  1. OMG.. kalau betul.. congrats! pray for u dear. :)

  2. jadik? apalah? bila bulih ketahuan ni?

  3. hahah..bawak2 bersabar...kalo esok masih belum ada tanda..aku pegi cek ok?



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