Jun 12, 2008

Youtube and Spice Boys Wannabes!!!

"Kau ni tak habis-habis dengan youtube kau!" - cik lina kita kata kat cik sasha kita...

Yup..Have discovered a new obsession/dependency on youtube. Why shouldn't I? If it wasn't for youtube, I'd probably wouldn't be able speed up my confirmation at my new place :) New things I learned through youtube:

1. Poco-poco dance steps (something like line dancing only it originated from Indonesia but very famous within the Malaysian army wives.

2. The CHICKEN DANCE!!!!!! My collegues favorite dance!haha! The MD even proposed it to be done during the company trip this August.

3. Discovered my "tepi pantai" songs (tepi pantai mode all because the boys went to Perhentian last week without the girls!!! Takpe...Tioman or Bali right girls???!)

4. My "tepi pantai" songs are:
  • Welcome to My Paradise - Steve and Coconut Trees
  • Funky Bahia - Sergio Mendes feat. Will.I.Am and Siedah Garret
  • Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre (cracked Fariq up when I suggested this song to him..I dunno why *confused*)
  • Nothing In This World - Paris Hilton (my must have ok!!)

*ok..so I used Limewire for this but I still searched the videos through youtube ok*

5. Saw soooo many cool rendetions of Sergio Mendes' Magdalena..so cool and so banyak I dunno which to suggest! But if you like the song, you can start with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzhRr4PWD-Q&feature=related

6. Ever heard of Evolution of Dance? ohohohoh!!!!! He made an appearance on Oprah on her youtube serie. Check out his dance moves! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg

Oh well..my youtube surfing takes up most of my mornings at work..I know..curi tulang..but you can't say that exactly either. Coz all those times I was going through the videos I was gathering inspirations and informations (yeah right Sasha....) Although not all those inspirations or information were work related..but some was...:P I swear!!

It's getting late..time for my bed..but before I call it a night, the youtube video of the day for me..cracks me up!


*i really really really wanna zigazig ahhhhhhh*

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