Jun 30, 2008

Hiking Expedition

Here we go!

Since being a Mrs..I have increased my weight to the heaviest I have ever been in my whole entire life...I have happily gained 8kilos in 7months time. Seriously! People say newlyweds tends to do so...dear hubby is also very 'nice & round' :D

If you know either of us from before we were married, you should know that I, for one, was VERY skinny previously (newly discovered actually..all this while I THOUGHT I was ok je :P) and dear hubby was a workout junkie (to the point where he's known as "Haram Jadah" at his gym..ask by his name, no one would know who you're referring to)

Although neither of us are complaining about each other (I love the "more to love" bits of my dear hubby)..everytime we bump into ppl we haven't seen for a while, their first sentence after the normal greetings would be "Badan nampak macam dah *body language for berisi (with hopes as to not to offend me)* kan? Dah pregnant ke?" and dear hubby gets "KENAPE DAH MAKIN BULAT NI???" *enthusiastically* (hubby gets responses likes that coz he's always the one who likes to make fun of people..so any chance these people gets to get back at him, they do it full force!!hehe!)

So among our effort(s) to get back into shape is to go hiking (hubby blames me for not being able to get back to his workout regime, hehe!)..................so one weekend after lunch with my cuzzies, an impromptu hiking session was carried out...Boy! was it fun.....in a way!hehe! We went to this place behind KDE (Kelab Darul Ehsan) in Ampang. OMG!! It was like 70degrees climb..using stairs!!!

With the "monkeys" for a cousin and soon-to-be cousin (ignore the round 'thing' i now have for a tummy and NO! I'm not pregnant yet..)

Halfway through the destination was this stop which had lazy chairs and those tiny chinese praying altar..I HAD to catch my breath coz I WAS LITERALLY SEEING STARS!!!! Apparently I was not the only one..hehe! Cuzzie's fiance was feeling the same symptoms!!hehe! But the end of the trail was worth it! We reached this lake at the top which actually connects to this waterfall in Kemensah (which we went hiking to the week before but through a different trail)

Behold the lake!

It was nice and windy up there. After the tough hike, I could've just fallen asleep. But thanks to dear hubby who started 'calling' his relatives..we ended up hooting and whooting and made whatever monkey noise we could do! But in the hype of the monkey noises..my cousin suddenly meowed!haha! She couldn't think of any other noise to make..hehe! The cool part was, hubby relatives hooted and whooted back to his noise!! Memang sah asal usul suami saya....hahahaha!!!!

My dear monkey and the poor guy who's joining the family soon! (Cousin is actually hiding behind her fiance!)

But all I can say is..it was definitely fun! Being married, our lifestyle changes..I never did much outdoor stuffs when I was single eventhough I liked it. Am glad I have a partner who shares the same interest. Well..next on the list..tyre rafting and PAINTBALL!! We're gonna check out this place in PD - Eagle Ranch...the brochure looks cool and so are the stuffs we can do there...any takers???

Well..just a quick shout out to my newly engaged cuzzie..Congrats Aja!!!! and to Fadzli..good luck bro!haha! Uh-oh..otw back we actually bumped into some 'relatives'...haha!

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