Jul 3, 2008

1979 Honda CR125

What I need:
A new interest/hobby/lifestyle

In order to achieve that..

What I want:
1979 Honda CR125

Incase you have no idea what I'm talking about...this is what I hope to be my new 'baby'

[picture courtesy of http://www.cyclestopracing.com]

I have decided that I need to decide...find an interest and invest in it. Waiting around for things to just happen just don't happen for me no more..

Apparently it's not easy to get this beauty. Anyone can help me out?? I know it's actually much more easy to just get the brand new one, but let's face it..it's more expensive...I don't think my pockets are deep enough. Also, I don't like the new design..I never was the kind of person who likes brand new stuffs..vintage always has a soft spot for me..Plus I think (emphasize on "I THINK") it would be a good way for me to learn about the bike. Rebuild it if I must..(hell it might add up to buying a brand new one) but the experience, I'm guessing, would be priceless..Am not planning on being a hardcore rider..(Although it would be cool to try out the tracks-offroad of course..we'll plan on my courage soon)..But something that is my new passion.

All these while, my passion was to just survive....whatever it takes..but doing it with dignity. Now it's to live..live it with no regrets..so a scrambler it is..(while I'm still of the age!)

It's a new life..might as well start learning something new right?

So hit me if you can help me out..Bear in mind...I need to find one first...Any idea where to start?

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