Jul 4, 2008

Weekend Showdown

Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

But my weekend showdown started yesterday. So this is the Showdown to my pretty busy weekend


Hubby took me to see Hancock...My views on it? Nice twist and Damn! Will Smith is a good actor! To compare Hancock with the other superheroes action (esp marvel's to gather round The Avengers team) Hancock cannot win la. But Will Smith makes it up with his great acting! I actually prefer Wanted (secretly want to be Fox..who doesn't?) But hey..was a date with hubby. We had 1901 for dinner (Fariq: The coupon cannot use in MidValley laaaaa!!) and had loadsa fruits (hubby force me on a fruit diet since I cannot refrain myself from eating!) then movie..was nice to go out after all those hours cooped up in the office in front of the PC with endless reports to write (which I should be doing now instead of blogging!!)

I can't be writing about the rest of the weekend yet but here's the plan (so far la..)

Friday evening :

Malam Majlis Anak-anak Perlis (free food!!!poco-poco dance and some performances kot...will take loadsa pics)


Working in the morning but I'm going to the International Muay-Thai Superfights at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam in the evening..expect loadsa blood and gore (am not really keen about this but hey! Something than being stuck watching tv at home right?) If anyone is still interested in going, there's still loadsa empty seats (publicity not very good lah). Check out the Axcess Tickets counters (they have one in OU and MidValley and also Rock Corner) and bring along your Astro bill. You can get 20% discount for VIP seats and 15% discount for 1st class seats. (Found out about the High School Musical on Ice show in August too!hehe!and going to con hubby to take me go see!!!!)


Hubby off to Ipoh for a fashion show with K.Leen..6.30am!!!Send hubby off then see la..I might harass Aja for breakfast early in the morning (mebbe some more hiking after) since we're planning to go see KL Buskers at Petaling Street in the afternoon...

Very busy weekend...but looking forward to it!! *smiles*

Will update this post with pixs..

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  1. update...jgn berfacebook je..abih naik rating blog peah dgn posting barunya



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