Jul 16, 2008

Update:Weekend Showdown

Lepas kene komen oleh Shafik..am updating my weekend showdown..:P

Thursday: Movie-Hancock..dah cerita dah...

Friday: Malam Majlis Anak-Anak Perlis @ Istana Hotel

First of all..hubby and i was stuck in traffic for 2HOURS!! trying to get to Istana Hotel from Subang..friday evening traffic is pure torture!

The Dinner..adoi...must say it was a disappointment...Personally I just don't think it's right for you to serve Muhibbah Set at any hotel dinners! It should be chinese food people!!Kesimpulan saya untuk malam itu..

Food: *keciwa*

Decorations: Semak maksimum...they said the hall was decorated by Pak Abu..If i was him, I wouldn't have wanted my name to be mentioned/associated by the quality of the decorations that night...My form 5 dinner dekat teacher's parking lot looked so much more festive!

Show: *double keciwa* sound system out, singers out..but I left half-way through David Arumugam's show and totally missed Siti Nurhaliza's show (yeah..she came with Datuk K as guests but sang pasal Raja Perlis requested). But don't care la...was never infatuated by her anyway.

TAPI...ada tapi ok..one thing i must applaud..orang-orang perlis mmg SPORTING!! If any of you guys remembered Dee from Jangan Ketawa..he was the MC for the night and pulled up 3 people from the audience and sent them backstage. So these 3 men went and changed into their costumes..The theme was Songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

First man - 50's..they changed him into baju melayu complete with samping and songkok yang tinggi tak sangga tu..and started the music. He came in and started to dance 50's style. We thought, not bad...his joget moves earned him some points from the audiences..

2nd man - 60's get up..imagine Jimi Asmara..wig, suits and his gelek...kelakar la..so we all clapped slightly louder than the 50's guy

3rd man - this guy deserves to win!hahah!70's..I present to you Datuk M. Daud Kilau!!!!!!!!the wig..the sequined shirt..the shades and the bontot!!!!!!hahahah!!! And he was not even from Perlis..the wife is but the fact that he actually went on stage and did the whole M. Daud Kilau stint...hahaha!!!gelak tak habis...sgt kelakar!

That was the highlight of the night for me la. It was not worth me staying longer and compromise my sleep schedule. I had to work the next morning.

Saturday: International Muay Thai Superfight

Tak pegi!!hahahahah!!We did end up staying at home on saturday..I did some laundry, lipat kain sambil tgk TV!! hahahah!!!

Cerita nya...hubby didnt get the tix earlier on..sbb dia kata the sambutan was not that good so confirm boleh beli je tiket on the day itself...come saturday..I contemplated on going...I didnt feel that it was worth it for me to pay rm100 just to see guys beat each other up...simpan tgk High School Musical on ice pun bagus!hehe! so I told him pergi la dgn member..

Last last..member pun tak jadi nak pegi...hehehe! *secretly happy tak jadi pegi...hehehe!!*

Sunday: KL Buskers 2008 @ Petaling Street


So my day went like this

5.45am: dah keluar rumah to send hubby off to Ipoh for the Fashion show (for the mentally retarded!!hehehe!! Serious!)

7am: i reached my cuzzie's place and teros sambung tido sampai kol 11

12.30pm: mandi secara express setelah di saun cuzzie then off to lunch. Niat nak makan nasi kerabu tapi hampa...dah abis...so melantak nasi campur je la

1.30pm: went to pick up cuzzie's tunang and headed for LRT Jelatek. Orang gila je drive pegi Petaling Street.

1.45pm: all excited and looking like tourists with our cameras and shades and backpacks..all set for the hot day while waiting for the lrt.

2.15pm: At petaling street..wondering where are the banners and the sound of the buskers..
2.45pm: Still figuring out where the buskers are...suggested checking out central market. Maybe there'd be an information counter for tourists or something.

3.15pm: Hot and frustrated!!!the lady at the Tourism Information counter had NO IDEA what we were talking about and wanted to charge us RM2 for 5minutes usage of the internet. She said that there was a cyber cafe inside Central Market...haram jadah gua tak jumpe!!Finally managed to get one of my other cousin to check out the KL Festival Website..and all it said was Jalan Petaling...hence my "Kepala Hotak Tourism Malaysia!!"

Setelah keciwa...we decided to take the commuter to MidValley. Cuzzie wanted to check out the bridal fair there.

Fact 1: Aja and Fadzli TAK PERNAH NAIK KOMUTER! (I just find that amusing!hehehe!)

Fact 2: Orang gila je naik komuter pegi midvalley hari Ahad!!

Ya Allah!!bau dalam komuter itu terlampau wangi!!!!and Malaysians being Malaysians....adab menaiki public transport sangatlah kurang! Nasib baik tak kene raba..

All in all..the weekend didn't turn out to be what I expected it to be. But I still had fun spending the day with my cousins at MidValley (at least I have half of my baju raya settled..:) )

The weekend after that actually made up for the disappointments I had. But that's another story...


  1. aku nak tau je knapa ko gi majlis anak2 perlis?hehe.

  2. laki orang perlis....plus..no life maaaa!!!any reason to go out would be a good reason..:P



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