Jul 18, 2008

He Is Not A Hero

Semalam tgk Batman: The Dark Knight......BEST GILA BABI!!!

Will not review it sbb baru keluar kan. But it's definitely worth it..So sad that Heath Ledger is not able to savour his greatest work.

Tapi yang penting di sini..I WANT THE BATMOBILE!!! You will want it too when you see what it can do in the movie...*sigh*

*so lah worth RM60! first time tgk movie kat gold class...kasi can nak poyo di sini kejap k?*

The movie runs for about 2hrs and a half..the blanket and the reclining seat just made the experience a whole lot more enjoyable....best gila sampai tak tau la nak cakap ape!

All I can say is, Christian Bale is the best Batman ever..

"He is not a hero..he is the Dark Knight"


  1. alaa....aku tk tgk lagi.dah ajak irin dgn penuh semangat...tgk next week je la gamaknya.rumour has it that heath ledger got carried away with the joker character resulting his death.my olde neighbour bgtau gossip tu...sebb he said he portrayed joker outstandingly.entahla....aku tk tgk lagi...

  2. i can agree to that..saw this video interview he did at http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809271891/video and he didn't looked so good. Most cast if interviewed would look very excited and happy but he looked pretty stressed..mcm bermasalah.

    but you'll enjoy the movie..it's really great!dah beat collection Spidey 3 for its opening week. Entahlah..mebbe promo extra sbb heath ledger mati kot...



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