Jul 25, 2008

MBS: Can Money Buy Love?

I listen to Serena C & Pietro on the Mix Breakfast Show (MBS) every morning on the way to work. Anyone of you familiar with the station will know the "He says, She says" segment. Sometime they come up with topics that I have a say on. But since the phone lines are always so busy, plus am driving during the segment..I'll have my say here on my own blog.

Today's question "Can Money Buy Love?"

CAANNNNNNNN!! Although I must say it can't buy mine entirely (take note 'entirely'). I have observed some people who are in relationships that are based on money. The MBS crew called it 'Ka-ching! Love'. Honestly..they're not very happy couple. I believe that money can't buy everything..short-lived happiness can la..but eternal bliss..aaahhh....tak boleh!

Actually, it all depends on the person itself jugakla. I mean, if right from the start, your passion/ambition is money..then yes..money can buy your love. But if you're the kind of person who wants the more holistic approach to life (namely moi!) then money alone just don't cut it. Yes, money makes it easier, but admit it..it's not everything.

I actually was asked this question before

"Kau nak kaya ke kau nak happy?"
"Of course happy...kaya tak penting"

He didn't believe me. He thought I was just saying it...that was the last time I went out with him..

If you've read my blog I'm a person lacking in passion. Although I'm programmed to survive (chewah!) but somehow my survival instinct is more towards finding true happiness. I knew I didn't want to end up filthy rich (notice how being REALLY rich is referred to as FILTHY?). My hubby says I'm lurus bendul...sometimes too honest and naive (in certain things ok..am not THAT naive). He says I'm someone yang jujur..(wah..I love you busyuk!) So I don't like it when I know of some fishy or dirty plan going on..I get uncomfortable and I stay away from the fishy/dirty person. I don't take advantage of people EXCEPT when I don't have a choice *survival mode*(I'm sorry again to those yg feel that I'm such person) But when that does happen, I only take what I need at a minimal cost..and I try my best to return/contribute back what I can.

Honestly, I'm scared of rich guys. I know I'd be lying if I say I don't like to be pampered with gifts and such..

But rich guys..haiyo....not my league.

You see..I'm the selekeh type of girl. I grew up with 2 brothers (have an older sister but she didn't want to play with me when I was a kid..thot I was annoying) so I HAD to be one of the boys. I've climbed trees, scraped my knees, 'benjol'ed my kepala, caught a snake and am not squirmy when it gets to reptiles and insects. Very tomboy la..

So dressing up and and wearing make-up and etc..not my thing. I wanted to be a policewoman or a firefighter when I was a kid. But yes..it's the inevitable. I went to an all girls school..I hang out with a group of the most GORGEOUS Engineering students in Uni (yes they are!) So bit by bit..the fashion conciousness crept in la sikit. But I'm still the most selekeh in the group. Til now..(but i am a bit brain damaged now so I do hv my Paris Hilton moments!:P)

So when you have a rich bf.......alamak...expectations sgt la tinggi. U see, my theory is, rich guys likes trophy girlfriends. Prim, proper and pretty (3P) which I'm none of those! I'm more of the 3S type..Selekeh, Sengal and Crazy (it should be 2S and 1C..couldn't think of another S word to describe me). I can never be a TROPHY! I don't want to be a trophy anyway..I'm too smart and loud to just 'be seen not heard'.. :P

But there are girls who are the 'trophy' type. It's ok...the rich boys market are ALL yours! I'm off the market anyway.

So there you have it...Money can buy love, but just not mine.


  1. it certainly can buy mine...please please anyone! hahahaha! aku dah jadik mata duitan sekarang ni sha... tapi aku pun bukan 3P...so aku terpaksalah guna duit aku je kan *sigh*

  2. 3p itu hanyalah theory aku semata-mata..mungkin kau mempunyai theory kau sendiri..

  3. "I hang out with a group of the most GORGEOUS Engineering students in Uni (yes they are!)" aku berperasaan dowh..ehe....walaupon im ur jr n always tag along with my seniors.. nyeh...



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