Jul 22, 2008

Why spotlight *superstar*

Before you guys get any ideas about my previous post..I'm OK..I have my emo moments and although what I wrote is true, I don't hate my life. There are days that I wish it could be different..but in the messed-up-course I had to go through..I'm content. I think I'm a good person. Better than most but with lots of room for improvement.

On a different note..

I changed my blog name today. Have been thinking of doing so for a while now. Today I will tell you the story of how I came about with spotlight *superstar*

I have this friend..his name is Scott Russell. My classmate from Uni. We were pretty tight back then (he extended an extra semester just for me..so he says..papehal pun i still think that's sweet of him *smiles*) He sits next to me when we have the same class, and most of the time we are in the same group for any assignments. He sometimes calls me "Boss"..he still does til today..

So we spent a lot of time together. And NO! we were never an item! But one day, a junior(maybe..he didn't really know the person was or do you Scott?) came up to him and asked

"Tak pegi lunch dgn your gf ke today?"
"Sapa?" looking confused
"Sasha la.."

He WAS waiting to go for lunch with me that time but he didnt answer that person..he just buat donno..

So when he saw me that afternoon he told me the about the conversation..and he came to a conclusion..

"Do you noticed tak...whoever that hangs out with you will become well known in the campus.."

He wasn't pissed off that we were gossiped about, he kinda found it funny because a total stranger can come up to him and say such thing. He didn't know that he was being observed in campus.

Then Scott said

"Kau ni mcm spotlight bah! Whoever crosses paths with you becomes famous.."

I gave it a little thought and agreed...

Me and my girls (Beeps and Sophie laa) used to have this very bad habit during final exams. We study together a lot and by studying I mean laughing and gossiping.

So this one night..while we were seriously studying in Beeps & Sophie's room..I suddenly broke out and said..

"Aku nak jadi superstar la..walaupun takde bakat nak nyanyi atau berlakon..tapi aku nak jadi superstar..Kalau aku kawin dgn celebrity kau rasa aku boleh famous tak?"

Then we all start listing out the eligible celebrity bachelor in Malaysia...takde yang sesuai..

"Kalau aku la kan" said Beeps "Aku nak jadi penyanyi yang famous menyanyi atas pentas..alaa..macam video clip Mariah Carey Never Too Far Away tu!! Pastu ada orang baling bunga kat atas pentas..aduh! Bestnya!!!!!" dengan penuh syok sendiri...

We agreed that that was achieveable..Beeps can sing..

"Aku nak jadi perempuan cabaret..." said Sophie..
"Aku akan pakai dress merah dalam club sambil tengok live band"
"Pastu duduk macam ni" starts a sultry pose..
"Siap dgn rokok kat tangan" conjures up an imaginary cigarette..

And we all break into a laugh..Sophie is the biggest drama queen ever with the funniest imagination (which she's sometimes very serious about)..and I love her for that..

Ever since that day, I held on to the *superstar* dream. I would revisit it every final exams week. Sometimes I'd want to be Paris Hilton (being an engineering student can actually give you brain damage and make you want to become a bimbo sometimes!:P) but that's a different story..

But the truth is..

It must be my name....

You see..my full name is Nur Syahira and in arabic

Nur = Cahaya;Light --->Spotlight
Syahira = Kemasyhuran;Fame ---> *superstar*

So there you have it..

Welcome to spotlight*superstar*..the mind of the confused and misunderstood and sometimes just plain crazy....:)


  1. ooo patutla...nanti aku modifyla nama link ko...pencinta spotlight...ok gak tu..hehee

  2. haha..mana nak dtg pencinta..

    tapi kita ada sorang kawan..dia anak "debu cinta"..nama bapanya sgt dramatik..serupa dgn perangai anaknya juga!

  3. dol lah kau! Miss u and sopi so much! sekarang aku study sorang....

  4. haha!takde lagi sesi imaginasi kita kan?takpe..make new memories beeps..kali ni lagi best..international bah!!

  5. nur syahira sharipudin...

  6. sasapudin takde makne!

    nostalgia:"Anggo ko manggo?"
    masih ingat????hahaha!

  7. demit...
    ko wat aku gelak sorang...
    "air dah habeh..."

  8. terlampau banyak sketsa kecil korang yang aku pun dah lupa..tapi kalo ingat OMG! konpem gelak geli ketiak!



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