Aug 6, 2008

*superstar* vs. *rockstar*

battle of the stars...

a silly idea that surfaced when *rockstar* taught *superstar* how to 'decorate' her blog. a challenge came to be and now here we are. and we need you..yes YOU who's reading this post to please help us be the judge on who should win this battle.

voting is based solely on the blog which you think is *star strucked*. superficial as that! and besides..the glam world IS superficial anyway....We would appreciate it if you don't judge us based on our posts because we are not gifted writers but merely bloggers who uses the blog to express our feelings and share our views and stories to anyone interested to know. But you are MOST WELCOME to stop and read our posts and perhaps leave a comment or 2.

voting will be done based on best of 3 polls. the first poll will be done at *superstar*'s blog, the second one at *rockstar*'s and the final round will be done on both blogs.

so for round may cast your votes at
Results for round 1 will be announced on the 14th August..once the poll expires. Round 2 will resume immediately.

this is just for prizes will be given out..only a few laughs between friends and good sports!

check out the blogsites *superstar* and *rockstar*

watch this space for more details soon!


  1. maafkan aku sha..setakat skang..aku mendahului..

  2. kasik can a...
    aku vote tuk ko sasapudin...
    so bile nak blanje aku yumcha ni?

  3. mekaseh jime!!
    belanja yamcha? aku belanja kau menang magic bole???

    cik aniesku...
    weyh!ada 6 hari x 3 round ok!
    kita tunggu dan lihat!

  4. rasuah aku berkesan gile.terimakasih seme.hahaha.gelak aku sgt evil.



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