Feb 19, 2009

Should I go for Maternity Leave soon?

The air-cond in the office doesn't seem to work. The service guy has serviced it over andover again but it still doesn't work. Tah sengaja nak cari duit lebih ke tak tau la..tapi semalam baru cakap the compressor is not working. Idiots! Thay should've realised that after the 2nd visit shouldn't they?

I dunno why but I am feeling sooooo terribly irritated by the slightest thing. Maybe the baby is growing so rapidly that I'm so uncomfortable. Semua benda tak kene..Rasa cam nak mengamuk aje..And yes its a good thing that the baby is active but today his activeness is annoying me..

32nd week dah..means another 5 weeks before the baby is in his fullterm. Which means I can deliver anytime from then on. According to my plan, I was thinking of starting my maternity leave on the 6th April (my due date is 17th April) But I dunno why, my gut feeling is saying that the baby will come early. Maybe 30th March aku dah start cuti kot.

Tapi sebelum becuti I have to finish off this Hibiscus Report yang due datenya next week. Walaupun not much left of the report to do..but I so DON'T FEEL LIKE WORKING...

Ikutkan hati nak start duduk rumah je sekarang. Tak larat and I hate getting ready to work nowadays. Apart from struggling to get out of bed, I hate having to figure out what to wear to work.Not only to work ok...nak keluar pakai biasa2 pun tak tau nak pakai apa. And the amount of laundry to do...OMG! Aku stress..

Adekah mungkin harini aku PMS?

*Perasaan marah membara tapi tak tau kenapa.......*


  1. kalau nak beranak, masih boleh PMS kah?

  2. entah..mungkin since i can't point my finger as per why i'm so moody..

    maybe it's called something else since i'm pregnant tapi saya selesa menamakan is PMS...

  3. Pregnancy Mood Swing.



    kamu rindukan aku gamaknya?

    sori, aku ada training dua hari lepas. esok aku kembali. tp lmbt sket. aku mengular di KL.

  4. anies..
    mungkin...ni salah kau la ni..penyebab aku hilang channel nak express kemarahan membara dengan menjadi keji!

    cepat balik! aku nak kejikan kau!!!



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