Feb 1, 2009

My Baby's Wishlist

The post that Anies is dreading!!My baby's wishlist!!hahah! After the evening with the gurls, Ida gave me a VERY helpful list of baby needs that I think I'll use to guide me in buying stuffs for my baby.

But Anies..IF YOU CAN..I specifically want the item on the link from you!!huahuahua http://www.coolkreations.com/ZoobieIndex.asp If not..you may choose from the rest of the list..

Baby's Wishlist (from sape aku nak mintak pun aku tatau!! :p)

1. Diaper Bag - for baby's diapers, change of clothes and milk bottles etc.
- 1big & 1 small
2. Baby towels (hooded) - need4-5pcs..got one from Ida (thanks darl!love the "My Superstar Baby!") need 3 more.
3. Bouncer Seat - for feeding, entertaining and play. need 1
4. Baby mobile - need 1
5. Graco Baby Travel System!! - saw one that costs RM1600++..heheh! It looks like this (click here) Mungkin mintak dari mentua...tapi kalo korang nak belikan pun ok aje!hehehe!
6. Baby Bassinet - it's like a baby cradle.

Lain2 benda yang boleh jugak kalo nak belikan..

1. Baby bath tub
2. 8oz and 4oz Avent baby bottles (reccomended for breast feeding and to avoid colic for baby)
3. Drool and Feeding bibs (soft terry materials recommended)
4. Baby wash cloths
5. Infant wash cushions
6. Baby's Play Yard

I think that's all..hehehehe..

*approximately 2 and a half months to go...........*


  1. The post that Anies is dreading..wahwahwah..huahua. Errr..en shafik, sila ambil perhatian di sini ye. insyaAllah akan diusahakan.

    aku kawen aku nk peti ais.

  2. ni mana alamat..gua nak pos..hahaha

  3. Anies..
    nak peti ais????hehehe..buleh buleh..cukup 8 aku kasi..

    hantar personally buleh?? :)

  4. dulu aku xde gf boleh ajek.

    now kenot la.hahahaaa...



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