Feb 11, 2009

Less than 10 weeks to go! - Week 31

This time I don't have any photos to share with you. Am just too darn lazy to take any. As you've seen in my previous post, you can imagine what I look like by now..:P

I took 6 days MC last week. Semalam baru start kerja semula. Lemau..seminggu duduk rumah asyik tido sampai muka sembam..masuk keje balik konpem sello..

Geng Total Subang dapat member baru semalam. Nuurill gave birth to a baby boy yesterday afternoon. 8 days before her due date..sekarang aku cuak...Aku MC 6 hari haritu sbb I was spotting some blood again. Still am..but not as much as it was last week. The spotting was prolly caused by stress. The week before I had SIRIM come in to audit the company for a Re-certification of the ISO 14001 cert. So was going in and out or the meeting room attending to the auditors. Alhamdulillah everything went well and we got to renew our cert. Was stressful for me preparing for it since it was my first ISO 14001 audit.

So 6 days of MC, tido je kat in-laws. Sampai muke kembang!hehehe!Tapi honestly..if being in confinement after the delivery is going to be like that..suami better equip me with enough books. But then again..I might not have the time to read since I will have a new member of the family that will need my undivided attention (make that 2! Suami tak boleh lupa..:P)

Sekarang ni mixed feelings..excited, scared..sume ada...and also..SOO many things to do..SOO little time (more like soo little energy..it's not easy carrying this big belly around..) So a checklist of things to do..

1. need to clear up the baby's room
2. wash the baby's clothes
3. prepare my labor bag
4. make my checklist for suami of people to inform when I have delivered
5. curtains for the baby's room
6. check to see if baby's things are complete ke tak (which I have NO IDEA how to start..nak beli baju baby haritu pun confuse..the baju is soooo tiny..muat ke anak aku dalam baju tu?if the baju besar takpe..if the baju too small??) walaupun ada wishlist..takde la mengharap. anak aku..aku la kene provide. baby checklist mane satu aku nak ikot????ada checklist satu hal..nak mencari benda dalam checklist is another thing altogether..if u dun knw yet..i dun really like going shopping.my condition right now doesn't seem to help either.

but my main challenge everyday now is my energy and ability to even move..nak bangun dari sofa/katil pun suami kene tolong (and having to go to the toilet countless times in a day doesn't help in conserving my energy!) nak tido malam pun agak susah kadang2..trying to find the most comfortable position for both baby and me..kalau tak comfortable si kecik ni suke menendang sampai i change position..and to move from one position to another...haiyo..puas suami ketawakan aku! :P

and I am soooo clumsy nowadays. If i eat..I'm bound to get food on my clothes. I forget things, I'm slow and selalu tak larat.

sigh..but people say pregnancy is a beautiful thing...

I guess so...with my hidung yang 'hilang' and my huge belly..suami still loves me unconditionally..I guess at least he still thinks I'm beautiful...:P

But most importantly now..I hope all of you keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't go into a pre-term labor..only 6 more weeks ok baby til its your full term...sabar....


  1. ah!
    dah nak jadi mak orang!

  2. ko boleh guna masa terluang itu untuk plot exceution plan Peah.

    ingat plan tuh.

  3. jime..
    kenape akhirnya?

    plan yang mana satu ni?ada dua..10 tahun ke 30 tahun beza???hehehe..



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