Feb 25, 2009

How I Learned to Type

My father has always found it amusing that I can type faster than he does. So everytime aku balik rumah, ade je surat yang dia nak suruh aku buatkan untuk dia.

Arini dalam sesi mengeji Jime, aku teringat zaman2 baru abis sekolah dulu. Infact zaman internet baru je diperkenalkan kat sekolah aku. Aku yang sesungguhya tak cyber ni dulu, was once one of the pelopor internet kat sekolah aku.

I remember my brother installed the internet connection at home during my end-of-year school break. While waiting for my PMR results, he taught me to open my first hotmail account and chat..my first chatting experience was at alamak.com. I don't know if the site still exists or not. But that was where I first learned how to chat..

Then when I went back to school the following year, the school bought the first PC with internet connection. Dulu, dial-up tone tu was like music to my ears!hahah..aku hantu chatting..Cikgu pun tak reti guna internet so aku volunteer la nak demo. Siap attach the monitor to the projector..aku bukak website alamak.com! Cikgu pun tatau website apa tu..hahah! Imagine my whole class chatting as one person in the world wide web..kelakar gile!

Then mIRC picked up...hahahah!Those from my generation would remember the frenzy!
/join #highway -->channel sekolah aku
/nick tHiSsKiSs -->in those exact fonts! so those who knows me from back then remembers thisskiss

Gile addicted!!!My school advanced from having just one pc with internet to a whole lab of PCs equipped with internet. So apalagas....asal prep je terperuk kat lab PC, weekend kalau tak pegi outing..kat lab PC..

Pros and Cons of chatting?hahah..banyak..

- aku boleh type laju dari siput...:P
- met boys (i was from an all girls school ok!)
- made loadsa friends including those yang tolong time nak SPM and have some who are still friends til now. made my first few days in Uni bearable..altho not familiar with their faces (sbb jumpe time chatting je) but it was comforting to knw that it was someone I used to chat with.

- the weirdos online
- blind dates..:P
- menjadikan aku yang memang dah pemalas ni makin MALAS..nak chatting aje..

Skarang ni tgh cuba nak ingat nama channel that was frequented by SBPians..a few channels yang aku ingat are
#tess - channel yang admin nya Jime yang asal usul pun budak STAR la wey! :P *aler..defensive laa lu jime!:P*
#yutloy - budak MCKK
#143 - budak STF kot...
and the general chatrooms..#mamak and #kampung
and kalo nak hepp sikit #arangos -banyak bebudak Damansara Jaya kot...tah.tapi bukan SBP la.

Sekarang dah tak layan chatrooms..dok melayan member2 aku kat YM ni pun dah cukup.

*a/s/l anyone?*


  1. daa...
    #tess bukan officially budak star occaayyy....

  2. jime..
    tapi kebanyakan korang kat situ..

    possibly..i dun really remember laa..it was 10 years ago!

    hohohoho...late bloomers blooms the best!

  3. #arangos gila budak Damansara menyeluruh. Aku patut tahu, aku jaga channel tue. Owner channel request bots utk monitor dan moderate.

    /kickban tHiSsKiSs@*.tm.net.my

  4. xul..
    aku tak layan sgt #arangos dulu..bebudak sombong nak mamps!heheheh!eksyen nak masuk channel kene ada invite....my cousin yg frequent #arangos..that's why i remember the name.

    /terajang Xul..semak!hahahah!



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