Feb 1, 2009

An Evening With the Gurls!

Finally able to meet up with the gurls today plus a few unexpected gurls..(Dektutt: Happy Birthday again beb! Kiau: Nice bumping into to you!! Your expression seeing me was PRICELESS!! Wish I had recorded it!haha!)
It was the first time them seeing me since I got preggers (except Sophie and Farah) and boy were their expression priceless!!hehehe! Thank you for making me laugh til the tears came rolling! I had sooooo much fun! Thank you all for making it! And Ida and Azie..I absolutely LOVE the gifts!

My Superstar Baby towel from Ida becoz Mommy is Spotlight Superstar! So sweet!!!

Baby Bodysuits from Ida too..

Cute comforter from Azie (i dunno kenape gambar tu terbalik!) Thanks babe! *Mwacks*

I didn't have pics from our cam-whoring session. So I'll just wait til one of you post it on Facebook or blog then aku curi from situ je la k.

The only pic I have - those present were Ida, Sophie, Azie, Elsa, Zurina, Erni and missing foot is Farah sbb dia dah balik dah time tu.

Thanks gurls!! Hopefully I'll see you again before I bersalin but if not..see you when the baby gets here!!mwahss!!

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