Oct 27, 2010

Welcome to my Paradise! Day 1

*cue lagu Steven and the Coconutz - Welcome to my Paradise*

Yeah!Just came back from Bali on Monday from a 4D3N trip. Best! This was my second time in Bali and I told suami that I want to do and go to places which I didn't get to the first time we went there. And explore we did!

Our flight was at 9:30am on Friday morning and we almost missed it! haha! what a great way to start the trip eh? Ni adalah gara-gara tak cek boarding time and semua dah lepak mode! haish! So anyway..we were the last few people to board the plane..habis tercungap cungap berlari dari departure area!hahah! owh..LCCT has changed..makin besar dan agak confusing at first..oh well..

preparing for take-off

hehehe!did i ever mention that suami HATES flying?
oh!just a word of advice, if ever you're flying Air Asia, please don't take seats on row 11 or the hot seats..you can't recline your seats...think sitting up straight on a 3hour flight....

blue skies!!

Welcome to Bali! Yeay!!

Our UNdesignated tour guide..Umar!hahaha!
Umar's 'other half' Tariq!:P
We arrived at around 1pm. There was a bit of traffic all around Denpasar and Kuta because of some full moon ceremony that apparently happens only once every 10 years. I asked a local and she explained that it was a 'Cleansing Ceremony' that takes place throughout the week up till the full moon. I tried asking cleansing of what..but didn't understand what she was explaining..But..the ceremony caused 'macet' (traffic jam) all over Kuta.

We checked-in to our hotel in Wina Holiday Villa, Kuta and found out that we got upgraded to the suite! YEAHH! Thank you Husni!! Guess all those recommendations we made to friends going to Bali actually paid off..:)
*psst..psst..anyone going to Bali, give us a holler so we could hook you up on a good deal for your room rates!

Totally 'Suite'!
Just FYI, ALL Holiday Villa hotels (there's 2 in Bali - Kuta & Sanur) and 2 other (i don't remember..but one is in Nusa Dua) are the ONLY hotels that serves halal food..

So after we have chucked our luggage into our rooms, suami was already hungry-borderline-cranky..but since we haven't explored the town yet, we decided to just have McD as our first meal in Bali (so adventurous..NOT!!)

After that we walked all the way to Kuta Square and back to Kuta Beach. Did some damages at the shops there but I think my sunhat was worth it (Rp60,000 for 2!)

I didn't go in..but the pinky-ness is soo cute!

my Rp60,000 sunhat modeled by suami and me!

Spot the real monkey plis...

Layan je lah..

Kuta Beach..cranes are from this soon-to-be BIGGEST hotel in Kuta

the boys..
Didn't try his bakso..funny!!
Then we took the wrong junction into our hotel and ended up exploring the streets of Legian..One wrong turn we didn't regret..hehe! Discovered some interesting shops and items..including a mat salleh running butt naked on the streets!!hahah! What an interesting first day in Bali kan?
It's legal there..they even make deliveries to your hotel. I don't do organic nor any sort of 'happy' substances so..sorry, no review :P

Suami purchased a few. I think the guy selling the stickers had more fun reading them to us than we did!haha! Or he was prolly on some mushroom juice..

Wall of stickers..
A wall of graffiti we came across. Apparently there are quite a few of these "Love, Hate, Love" graffiti around Bali.

Like art burst from his belly

Diamond idea!
Our first night there was spent chillaxing at the hotel. We had nasi padang at a shop we discovered on our wrong turn and it was yummy!!

So okay..that's it for day 1. Overdose on pictures already. I'll update on the rest of my trip next!

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