Oct 18, 2010

Volunteer at the ZOO!

Gosh! It's been ages since I went to the zoo. I think the last time I went to Zoo Negara was in 1998. I had a gathering with my TKC friends after our SPM.

So last Saturday, my company organized a volunteer program at Zoo Negara as part of our Environmental Program. You can find out more about the program here --> Zoo Negara Volunteer Program It was definitely tiring..but FUN nonetheless. Since this time I actually got nice photos to share, I'll narrate through the piccas la ok?
Group Assigning

So we started our day bright and early! Assembled at the company at 6.45am and made our way to the Zoo by 7.15am. We had to reach the Zoo by 8.15am. Late comers will be denied to volunteer. Once we were there, we were briefed and asked to get into groups of 10 (there was 73 of us!). Then the supervisors from the various areas of the Zoo picked which group was going where..It kinda felt like a meat market actually!hahaha! They were going like "Haa! Aku nak group ni! Yang ni ramai orang laki" "Takyah berebut! Ramai orang kita boleh pilih harini!" Seriously!

 So we went out separate ways..

Going to the Bird Kingdom - all smiles before the work!!

Feeding them swans
Breakfast break - the nasi lemak at the canteen sedap..
Small snake..Thank god I wasn't assigned to the reptiles and amphibians..
Camel in the background..cool eh?
That is my Chairman giving instruction to people to clear out the roof!haha! haiya...out of the office also still giving orders..LOL!

Now you see me sweep & smiling...
But this 'friend' of ours is lurking in the cage..she cried after the pic was taken..apparently the puma was making some pretty scary loud noises..too much for her too handle! :)

This is my group - Mammal Kingdom. We're cleaning out the drain of the Hyena's Habitat. There was 2 Hyenas and them huge!!!

Hahaha!This one my MD, and other dept bosses (and a couple of staffs) kantoi curi tulang watching the show!:P

"You betta clean 'em well! *Roar*"

Happily cleaning the lion's den..literally!!

I like this shot..no narration here..

Haruslah enterframe kan?hahah! Clearing out the Porcupine's Habitat. They are soooooo cute!too bad no piccas when we were feeding em.

Binturong's Habitat..scaryy!!!you can't see them, but those are electric wires installed.

The Reptile Kingdom group
And this is ALL 73 of us after a hard day's work! FUN!

We couldn't take any photo's while we were doing our work but we could assigned one person to become our official photographer. I personally think our photographer had THE MOST tiring job! He officially made more than 3 rounds in the Zoo looking for us all!!heh! and he took nice pictures! So kudos to him! There are plenty more piccas but I'll load em up on FB la.

The day ended at 4.30pm but for most of the group, they were already enjoying the Zoo by after lunch..:P But that's our first 8hrs of volunteer work at the Zoo!

My take on Volunteering at the Zoo?? You should DEFINITELY try it out at least once! Go take your company there or round up a group of friends (group volunteer program needs min 10pax up to a max of 100pax, must be above 16yrs of age) or go as an individual. 40hrs of volunteer work there gets you a certificate or some sort of recognition. But to me..I don't need the certificate..this was my first volunteer work that I've done but it definitely won't be my last! *item for my "Things to do Before 30"*

I've already extended the idea to my TKC friends for this volunteer job..I think I want to ask the rest of my friends to join in the fun too.

So what are you waiting for...go book your date for the volunteer program already!!


  1. how to register for this program >??

  2. looks like the website is not up. try calling their education dept 03-61082219.
    hopefully they'll get their website working for more info..have fun volunteering!



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