Oct 13, 2010

Seminar and keeping busy and REALLY growing up!

More like Look Like Busy actually! Have I told you guys how much I'm loving my BB yet?? No? Yes? Well..I'm absolutely in love with it!!! Not obsessed yet..but borderline there! Heh!

I'm at a seminar now and we all know how boring and awkward it can get sometimes at seminars. Presentations could get boring and break times awkward (having to make small talks with strangers..not my thing!) So..all the more reason I'm loving my BB!

And today I made a discovery (that I knew existed a long time now but never knew how to use it!)..haha!I can post pics to my twitter via BB!!heheh!

Bosanlah cite BB aku..mesti korang rasa menyampah (anies..no need to rub it in..)

So yeah..as attached, am at a seminar today back in my old alma mater. Terasa sgt nostalgia..I first step foot here in UM 11years ago!! (Wow even for me..didn't think it was THAT long ago!) Spent a good 8years here! (Haha..lama kan nak grad!!) And had loadsa memories. I even bumped into my lecturer who was also my thesis supervisor (which she gave an A fo it!) Who would've thought we would be 'almost' equals..lil 'ol me who took soooooooo long to graduate!haha!

I'm all out for seminar and courses now for a few reasons..
1. I like the break from boring routine from work
2. I like to collect certificates from seminars and courses (good for my cv!)
3. It gives me that feeling I get everytime I go for my classes back in the days. Makes me feel like I'm still a student.

Which leads to the next stage of my life..maybe its time for me to further my studies..through courses and seminar are not enough. Useful but not sufficient..who knows..after this you'll be referring me as Dr. Syahira or Prof. Syahira!hohoho!

Ask me this last year, never in my life would I think I'd agree to it. But my perspective and needs in life has changed. I have changed..without even realizing it..

Wow kan? Terasa mcm grown up..its about time! I'm turning 30 next year! (Which also leads to this resolution I have cooked up! Watch this space!)

So okay..seminar is starting again and my batt is running low (oh no!!)

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  1. Who did you meet? Dr Sumiani? I sometimes make a point to drop by UM to visit Dr Sumiani and Dr Shaliza, but have not done that in ages!!!

  2. yes i did. I saw both of them there and dr.sumiani mentioned you.hehs!updating that everyone is doing good but making babies!hahahah!

    dr.sumiani and dr.shaliza wants us to get-together..sort of input from alumnis.tah bile nak buat aku tatau..



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