Oct 8, 2010

Me, my friends and technology!

So okay, I have become the typical blackberry user. Sms, Email, IMs, twitter, fb, blog..the whole shebang!

A few days ago I put up on my fb status:
"Sometimes when you are too connected with the cyberworld, you get DISCONNECTED with the real world!"

A typical syndrom I've been facing off late. But I think my case is a bit more chronic..I have my bb which notifies me of my bbms, sms, emails, twitter mentions, fb notifications etc etc..at the same time on my pc I have my gtalk (for friends who hasn't gotten sucked into the bb frenzy-don't use the othe IMs coz tah..overload kot!) and sometime I check my fb & twitter too..

Crazy eh? I know..

The crazier thing is, I have some friends who are on my bbm, gtalk, fb and twitter and YES! We are having conversations on ALL those networks AT THE SAME TIME! :P

Funny thing is, altho these conversations are happening simultaneously, we are actually talking about different topics! Haha! Sometimes I lose track of what we were even talking about!

Talk about multi tasking! Multiple conversation with similar people! No wonder I get a bit 'off' at the real world sometimes (pening mengadap screen phone dgn pc!)

So..excuse for being a bit forgetful at times..can't help it..my brain processor dah overload by technology!

Owh! Learnt some new words (and things) these past few days in between the bashing and lashing we were giving to a poor friend of ours who is in the midst of planning to build a 'mosque' (direct translation in malay is required for understanding the whole joke!)

1. Mamihlapinatapai - Yaghan language for a description of "a look shared by 2 people with each wishing that the other will initiate something that they both desire but which neither wants to start"

2. Schadenfreude - German for pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others

3. L'esprit de l'escalier - French for thinking of a clever comeback when it is too late

Thanks peah..for enriching our vocabulary amidst all the frenzy! :)

Its saturday tomorrow and I am working. But somehow I'm feeling high spirited..maybe coz I have a mission! Wish me luck and happy weekend peeps!

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  1. hahaha. ternyata bb mendominasi hidup kau. dulu tak nak beli sangat. gheheheheh.

  2. i blame it on peer pressure!hahah!

    weyh..correction..ai tak beli tau!suami yang belikan!



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