Jun 22, 2010

Majlis Aqiqah and Cukur Jambul

So as promised...

We had Keisha's Majlis Aqiqah and Cukur Jambul on the 6th June 2010. It was a big affair..we had A LOT of guests if counting the grandparents' guests and also ours. Thank you to those who made it (although I think it was more of them thanking us for the food!hahah!) but thank you nonetheless for making the occasion a great one (and for giving me the chance to talk to other ppl other than the ones I'm living with!)

Our family.
Keisha pre-shaved head

I think we had over 200people that came. We started at 11am where the ahli-ahli masjid came and began the Marhaban. We were only expecting 12 people to do the marhaban..but the living room held more than that. Apparently all of my FIL's friends from the mosque and the neighbourhood wanted to join in the occasion. So alhamdulillah..the more the merrier right? Besides, it was an occasion to praise the prophet and to wish for good things for the celebrated child..It was indeed a merry occasion..

We had friends, family, neighbours who all came and wished our daughter well as they were cutting strands of Keisha's hair (cukur jambul). Suami and I decided to shave off all of Keisha's hair that day as as believed in Islam, it is best to shave it all off because it is hair that grew during the gestation period and considered dirty. So shave it all off so that new and clean hair can grow.

Plus it is also a good practice to weight the shaved hair and donate to the poor the value of gold with the same weight of the shaved hair. Meaning, say the hair weighs about 100g and it costs about RM100 for a 100g of gold..so we donate RM100 to the poor. But there is also another practice that the father buys the same weight of gold and gift it to the mother as a gesture of thanks for giving birth to the child. Whichever you choose to practice, it doesn't really matter as this is not a must, merely sunat or an optional practice. Which one did we choose??hehehehe..what do you think?? We didn't really weigh Keisha's hair because as we were shaving it, it went all over the house...so suami is just going to estimate the weigh..doubt it even weighs 100g..:P

Another thing that we did for this majlis was slaughtered a goat as an offering to others. It is a practice of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W as if to give thanks to Allah and to ask for good wishes for the child. Also to announce to everyone the arrival of the new member of our family. This is what is meant by Aqiqah. If you have a baby girl, slaughter ONE goat but if it's a boy, slaughter TWO goats. It is best if the goat is slaughtered by the father so suami actually slaughtered the goat himself. He said as he was slaughtering the goat, he recited a little doa for our daughter wishing that she will grow up to be anak yang solehah. It was done the day before the majlis and suami said the knife used to slaughter the goat was so sharp, he felt as if he was cutting through air when he was slaughtering it. Only downside of aqiqah is that, the meat of the slaughtered animal can only be eaten or donated to muslims. Non-muslim are not allowed to eat them..why you may ask? I shall have to refer to someone more knowledgeable to explain.

So we had one slaughtered goat to feast and sedekah to our saudara islam. But since my FIL invited so many people, he also bought another goat for the caterer to serve our guests that day...
 Keisha post-shaved head with future gossip buddy Baby Mya and mama's gossip buddy Mummy Nariko of I Dreamt of a White Wedding ! Baby Mya is one week older than Keisha but will only be having her Aqiqah and cukur jambul on the 3rd of July. Mummy Nariko will have far better tips for organizing Majlis Aqiqah than I do..:P

Sorry if my post is a bit mundane and not very informative.. I am on MC today after one day back to work (I started my first day of work yesterday). Something bit my hand and caused an allergic reaction til both the palm of my hands are swollen. A trip to the doctors and an injection to the backside, I am feeling a bit better. But am also down with a swollen tonsil..I think it's the weather. Everyone seems to be falling sick lately. Thank god Keisha is well and happy...even with a shaved head!!:D



  1. thank u for all that info! comel je gambar little family korg dgn nizar berkepiah. hehe.. looking forward to meet u guys and mya's majlis!

  2. yes yes azie..insya allah if takde aral yang melintang we will make it to mya's big day! :)

    informative??hahaha!!just my two cents worth of information actually..kau sure lagi byk tips mcm mana nak organize majlis..hope all the preparation and the majlis itself will go well for you ok?see you soon!



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