Jun 25, 2010

Kami Berdating

Semalam kan birthday suami..maka suami ajak pegi dating tengok wayang. Initially we wanted to go eat someplace nice and bring Keisha along. But the night before, suami 'tapau' some Fatty Crab for dinner and somehow that didn't agree with both our stomach. So suami feels it's not worth to go eat some place nice on a lousy tummy..

So we went out for a movie date, just the two of us.

Suami booked the 9:30pm Knight & Day movie at GSC Tropicana Mall so we had enough time to go home and play with Keisha for a bit before the movie. Left home at about 8pm since we still needed to pick up the tickets and have dinner. By that time Keisha was already satisfied and contently sleeping (dah dapat habuan dari mama dia...mane tak nye!)

We managed to make quite good time to Tropicana Mall so we browsed around for a bit. While waiting for suami to get the tickets, I was looking at the gps navigation gadgets aimlessly. But I guess it was a good day for the salesperson. I ended up buying the Papago Wayway Q4331i GPS Navigation set for suami. It was what he wanted for his birthday anyway..So..happy birthday sayang!!

Tolong jangan mohon review sbb aku tak pernah pakai lagi bende ni. But it looks more user friendly than Garmin and has better graphics - it has 3D imaging and siap ada option untuk route yang tak lalu tol! (peah, pasni mesti Papago ni boleh guide aku terus ke ikan bakar Jalan Bellamy tanpa buat aku sesat tau! It shows the exact junction to take. Lenkali tayah amik aku kat Tupai Tupai dah..:P)Semalam tak sempat nak test coz we didn't get it fixed to the sattelite feed. But the thing I like most about the navigator is the name..Papago Way Way!! sounds like a kid talking..:P

So aaaanyway..we didn't really have enough time after that to see what we wanted to have for dinner (plus i have always thought that Tropicana Mall's choice for eating is quite disappointing..lainla Empire Subang..) So we just bought some 1901 hot dogs and pop corn and makan near the bonsai trees exhibition (oh yeah..there was a Bonsai tree exhibition/competition thingy going on that time..bonsai trees are amazing i tell ya..it just takes my imagination to another level!:P)

While waiting for the cinema hall to open, suami started to comment of the fashion sense of some people around us..My suami comments/gossip about people worse than I do I tell you!! I think working in the fashion industry for his sister a few years back prolly left some scar on him..sigh..

Then it was movie time!! If you haven't watched Knight & Day, please go..It's funny although I think Tom Cruise prolly shouldn't do anymore movies that reveals his bod..I mean, he does look great as compared to other men his age, but..age is catching up with him..But the dialogues are funny..

Oh..komen luar topik..IP Man 3 dah keluar..boleh takkk??? Bukan baru je ke IP Man 2 keluar?

Although it was a nice welcome to go out for a date with suami, we both missed Keisha tremendously. So suami said, next time bring Keisha along..Keisha mana boleh tengok wayang lagi sayang........tengok mobile in her cot pun baru je lepas..Don't let her grow up so fast..I'm not done 'gomol'ing her yet.

*Nak tgk SATC2 tapi perasaan mcm tak berbaloi tgk di wayang...tgk kat rumah pun layan kot..*


  1. camane papago ni? review eh review ehhh pelisss reviewwwww..ala review la..huahuaahuauaauhauh

  2. tropicana city mall takde apela..byk org OCBC adelah.



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