Jun 2, 2010

Everyone..Please Meet Che Keisha Damia

Hi! My name is Che Keisha Damia...

Yes..finally I can go online but only for a little while. I am at Pantai Hospital right now..just went for my post-natal check up and it's about the only time I get to get away for a while. But I have to rush back home now because my mom is home alone with Keisha and the contractors are coming in for the final touch-ups in the house! (yes!!the renovations are still not complete!!!!!)

I have updated my blog twice via my phone..and TWICE it didn't get uploaded!! Frustrating I tell ya..But suami promised to re-install the internet connection sooon so insya allah I will be able to be a more committed blogger after this!

She is growing like a beautiful flower..And YES..I am obsessed with my daughter! Last night was the first time I let her sleep with my mom coz I needed the sleep to wake up early today..and what do you know...I couldn't sleep coz I missed her!!

Will be having her aqiqah and cukur jambul this weekend..Promise I will AT LEAST blog about that (with pictures..) I have taken my daughter to Kuantan, KL and all around..but I have never taken her out and about.. Don't understand what I mean??heheh..you will..

As expected for every new parents..they are obsessed about their child and talks of nothing else. But I do have something else to talk about. Again..I will only be able to do so in due time (hopefully BEFORE I lose the feel of the subject!!)

Keisha is definitely my daughter..why?? Well a picture tells a thousand words (did I get that right??)

Little Superstar??

Til next time guys!


  1. adorableeeeeeeeeeeee................cute sgt

  2. superstar la sgt.insya-allah will be seeing u girls this weekend

  3. sangat sashay sharifuddin la

  4. well hello keisha...

    tak payah uncle2..panggil peah je dah..



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