May 22, 2009

cross-stitch update

As you all are aware (that is IF you have been following my blog la) I am currently in the midst of doing cross-stitch as part of my activities during my confinement. It may strike as a surprise to you (if you know me in person) that I am a person who actually do cross-stitch. I first started when I was in secondary school, as part of my Home Economics project (Ekonomi Rumah Tangga laa tu!). My mom was actually the person who was active in doing cross-stitch (now she can't see so well, so cross-stitch is kinda bad for her eyes). I'd normally be the person who finishes up her half-finished patterns..

This is the pattern that I am currently following. And it is supposed to look like this following pic....

And currently (a week ago actually, I have made more progress since) it's looking like this..Heheheh..not bad right??It gave me a sense of motivation when I started to see the fence forming. Now I have a few more speckles of roses forming too..

OMG..I am SOOOOO housewife-ish now!hahah! Sorry guys...having limited access internet at home (damn celcom 3G! I can't get any coverage at my place..!) means I have limited resources to the 'gossip' world. I am confined to my mama'a wisdom and Astro's Macam-Macam Ada..which is soooooo academic!heheh! Well, I am in confinement...

Uh-oh..damn battery is running I'll publish this first la..(Starbucks don't have enough powerpoint..sob sob!)

*next project...Quilting????huahuahua!*


  1. hoho...baguih baguih....taniah!

  2. wahahahah..sasha, jgn putus ngan aku. kasih aku tak berubah. kalau ko terer masak, lagi la kasih aku tak berubah. :)

  3. belajar la menjahit baju kurung weh... boleh aku tempah baju raya!



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