May 15, 2009

The doting Housewife episodes?

I am back in my own home now. 15 days left of my confinement although dah banyak pantang yang aku langgar 'sikit-sikit'..:P

My mom is with me at home. Good for my sanity..altho lately I have been feeling like slipping away from the world. I just want to stay at home which if I am alone is not a good idea..Alhamdulillah mama teman..So since I am able to move about normally nowadays, she has been 'training' me to be a housewife. Teaching me the proper ways of doing things and keeping the house clean.

She also came up with the idea that IF one day I do become a fulltime housewife, to make blogging a career. She keeps on saying that I am able to write, so why not make it into something productive. She suggested I share my experiences, speak out about things, and perhaps share some of the tips or recipes she's been teaching me..

I'm flattered that my mama complimented me on my literary (spelling?) skills. In fact I'm surprised that she even knows that I write (damn! I hope she's never read any of my old journals..:P) And also the fact that she seems to have faith that I might become the next Martha Stewart and Oprah combined..:P As if I can ever get that big..but no harm in dreaming kan?

But IF i ever do take up the would be pretty interesting..would prolly start a different blogsite for it..

I have been a doting housewife lately..since there is nothing else for me to do since suami joined the corporate world. Plus the house has been in desperate need for some good cleaning and dusting..And yes ppl..I have been doing some cross stitching which I hope to finish before I start work again in June. Although I have been sleeping more than I am cleaning or cooking, at least the house now is 90% dust free (suami is my dust indicator since he is allergic to it..he's been sneezing a lot lesser now) and suami comes home to home-cooked dinner everyday (eventho aku ngelat sikit since the cooking was done by mama dearest..:P! Hey..I am a housewife in training ok!)..It's been nice staying at home..

BUT..there are moments in the days when it's not such a good idea to be home. I have recently almost always chose to retreat at home than going out..not good..There are days when I feel so depressed, sad and fact I kinda notice that I don't feel so cheerful anymore and my eyes are like automatic tear factory..I long to feel normal again....

No choice but to keep myself busy..even if it means doing the cross-stitch..Next on the list, my own Look Book (desperately need a new wardrobe and new look) and maybe finish sorting out my wedding pics which are sooooo long overdue..I also plan to make my own recipe book - Scrap book style..Ideas for my new blog maybe??

Martha Stewart and Oprah better watch out coz here comes the Superstar Housewife! :P

*more like a mood swing Superstar...*


  1. i must say... watch your back Bree!!

    pastu nak gak title superstar kat depan.. hehe.. sasha TATAP sasha..

    glad that u're holding up right. :)

  2. yup yup... janji nak bagi gambar kita berdua masa ko kawin pun tak lagi...

    cepatlah siapkan cross-stitch...aku nak tgh :-)


  3. housewife in training.. welcome to d club.. hehehe... post je entry memasak dlm blog nih.. leh tukar tukar resipi..

  4. bila aku dpt sample ko punya masakan, bree ;) hehehe...
    all the best, i know u can do it! aku dah boleh imagine aku organize ko punya 1st book signin event ;)
    and i want u to cater for my own book signin event too :D

  5. Azie..
    mane tau..mungkin ada tip yang berguna untuk kau yang bakal join dunia para isteri ni ke nanti..heheh!

    dah 40% siap!part aku tgh buat skang ni susah yang amat!!!

    yup!nnt aku sharing2 resepi..kasi idea sikit nak masak untuk suami..hehe!

    Book signing??heyy..dream BIGGER gurl!my own TALK-SHOW!!!!hahahah!boleh aku kasi keta free kat kengkawan aku semua kan??? *Superstar's Favorite Things Episode!*



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