Jul 31, 2009

Review: Top of The Pops by Project Pop

I was first exposed to Project Pop when I went to Bukit Tinggi Resort for a holiday a few years back. For some reason, the tele in the hotel room kept on playing Indonesian Video Clips on MTV (mungkin siri MTV Jus). And the one video clip that kept on coming on air was this one..

I was kinda annoyed at first, but then, having to watch it over and over and over again, I finally got hooked! The video clip is funny too..

Then, a few weeks back..I went into the record store and came across this album

Without thinking twice, I immediately purchased it together with Steven and CoconuTTreez album (That will be a different review on a different day..it's not as sensational as Project Pop for now..)

And here I was thinking that no one else knows about Project Pop since it doesn't really receive that much publicity here in Malaysia. I don't know how famous they are in Indonesia itself but all I can say is..everytime I listen to this album on the way to and back from work, it always picks me up..makes me smile (and smirk sometimes). My fav song from this album - Apart from Jangan Ganggu is this one..Maramaramara

If only my office had a few more Malay male collegues..I would definitely use this song as a sketch during our office function!

Pleasantly surprised to find out a few other friends of mine are also into Project Pop..Boleh jadi groupie laa macam ni!!! Links to their Project Pop Video Clips on their blogs

Anies the Rockstar - Bau Bau Bau
Sharkpitt the Merapu - Metal vs Dugem <---highly recommend this! Anies pun gila lagu ni! En. Buih pun suka band ni tapi saya tak jumpa laaa post tentang Project Pop dia sbb dia adalah blogger tegar..satu hari apdet berkali-kali....bukan macam saya. Jadi link ke belog dia sudah!

For more info about the Band..Please go to their website - Project Pop
Wikipedia pun ade kisah tentang Project Pop dowh! Kat sini! (bile Wikipedia nak review aku haa??hehehehe!)

*Hazim...sila terjebak dengan Project Pop..*

*pasni saya apdet holiday di Pulau Perhentian pulak ok.....malas laaa nak pilih gambar2 tu! Sapik..shadap!! Aku tau aku sudah gumuk!!*


  1. aku suka lagu..." dangdut is the music of my country" sungguh lawaks



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