Jul 2, 2009


I thought I could
But I still couldn't
Everytime I see someone else's
I remember mine...
I just want to cry..
But I can't..I gotta move on
I gotta try

Sometimes it feels like it was all just a dream
But sometimes I can't help but think
What would it be like if he was here with us
Why of all people, did god choose us?
Maybe I know why..but maybe I don't..

I just wish..I don't know what to wish for....
I don't remember what he looks like..
Is that good? or is it bad?

Seeing his things..what would've been his things
His room...we painted it blue

Is this life real?
Is all that has happened real?

Did I really lose my son?


  1. sasha. be strong. aku tau ko strong.

  2. one day ....He will reward you

  3. God made him an angel, your personal angel... So, there there, dun u cry... He's waiting for you in heaven, darl *misty-eyed*

  4. Is this life real?
    *Nope,real life begins afterlife...hello Sha its real.Its real now and its gonna be real too.

    Is all that has happened real?
    *Yes it did and for a reason.Dig deep Sha.You're capable of handling it otherwise The Big Guy won't let this happen to you and suami.

    Did I really lose my son?
    *Unfortunately Yes.I'm sure your little angel will be watching and waiting for you way up there.

    Sorry if I sounded harsh.I just felt like I have too.

  5. Reality, he is not here with you right now.
    But when that time comes, he is there..for you..

    Sha, i met you yesterday, and i can see how tough you are. I respect you. Insya Allah, pasti ada sesauatu yang baik menanti.



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