Jan 23, 2009

Career Morphology

Job Title: Barista
Company: Starbucks
Income: RM5.50/hour
Job Duration: April 2003 - March 2007
Job Description:
The most fun job I have ever had despite the low salary and the all so selekeh uniform..:P.Fun collegues and good times....not to mention all the free coffee and free exercise from refilling those ice-cubes and pulling all those espresso shots. Wonder how come I always seem to have the time and energy to go out and party.Yep..this was my job masa zaman kegelapan dan kesesatan..Broke but happy..
Job Title: Personal Assistant
Company: Gillian Hung Consultants, MODA
Income: RM1500/month
Job Duration: April 2007 - March 2008
Job Description:
Ever watched 'The Devil Wears Prada' and 'Ugly Betty'?It was something like that. Very glamorous..had fun and learnt a lot management skills and event management stuffs.I think I can handle a 'mini' fashion show if I want to. Best..made loadsa contact with the people in the event and fashion industry but became unsuitable when I got married because of the uncertain working hours.The person I was before I took this job would've loved all the glamor and parties attended..but during this time I kinda stopped all previous activities and 'bad habits' (except one..*fuh fuh*)

Job Title: Safety, Health and Environment Exec. (EMR)
Company: Tex Cycle Sdn Bhd
Salary: More than the previous one la...:P
Job Duration: April 2008 - current
Job Description:
Stability..serious grown up job.Oh well..we all have to grow up some day don't we?Documentations, trainings, presentations, meetings, discussions...sigh....all 'bad habits' eliminated. Working environment don't really permit the habits.

Sebenarnya gambar last sekali tu bukan rupa aku setiap hari ke ofis...huahuahua..takde masa aku nak bercantik-cantik pergi kilang sampah.heheheh! Tapi tulah...the fun kinda depletes as the salary increases!
But alhamdulillah..quality of life improving together with lifestyle.
*back in the days when things were free and easy..tapi huru hara!huahuahua! dah sendiri suka mencari pasal.what to do..*
*Post takde arah tujuan tetapi mengundang kekejian dari kawan2...huahuahua!Tapi orang insecured je yang tak boleh terima kalau org gelakkan dia..Let the kejiness begin...*


  1. ah, best jugak jadi sasapuding

  2. tak jadi aku kejikan ko sebab statement .."Let the kejiness begin..."

    Potong setim

  3. eh..marilah mengeji. dia dah undang.

  4. darkk..
    best tu takde la best sgt..tapi menarik.time keje kat starbucks la member paling ramai!huahuahua..semua keji sbb nak ami stabak pree!!:P

    sapik n anies..
    laa..dah suruh keji tanak mengeji pulak...hampeh!hahahahah!

  5. gloria jeans mane?
    dah le starbuck pree x pernah kasik aku...
    rakan baik ko gak yg selalu kasik aku...

  6. jime..

    gloria jeans takdak gambo...takmo letak.lagipun keje kejap sangat.

    aler..dia pun bestfren ko jugak perr!GEMOK laaa aku pun nak kasi kat ko stabak pree jugak!!:P

  7. i like your last pic..looks professional..:p



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