Jan 10, 2009

Baby Yawns - Week 25

Yep..am in my 25th week. No more morning sickness (yay!) No more nauseating smell..Eating a lot although I don't feel hungry as I was when i was in my 18th week. Baby bump is definitely showing and I am definitely waddling like a duck when I walk :P!

Had a bit of a scare and an infection last week. MC 4 hari woo..heheh..that's why I haven't been online or blogging coz I was at my in-laws. Although all I did during those 4 days was eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep (was ordered to bedrest) Couldn't go online coz there was no internet connection at my in-law's.

Check-up 2 days ago went well..The baby is fully formed and alhamdulillah everything looks ok..he even Yawned when doc was scanning my belly :). Kicking and punching tak payah cerita..ni pun tgh mcm havoc je perut aku dia dok bergerak. A few details I know about him now..(apart from the fact that it's a BOY) and a bit about the mommy la...

1. My weight now - 66kg!!!!!! (tapi pre-baby aku mmg dah berat..56kg..*nak sedapkan hati je kunun*)
2. Baby's weight - 867grams
3. His heartbeat is not so fast..as he grows his heart rate reduces because of acid apetah doctor cakap aritu :P
4. Although he's fully formed, he can't open his eyes yet sbb ada selaput kat mata dia.
5. Might go for 3D scan in 2 weeks time. With 3D scanner I can see him as if I'm taking his picture when he's out. Will be able to see him in full detail clearly.
6. He's not very chubby sbb lapisan lemak kat badan dia tak tebal. Mebbe coz I don't drink milk sgt kot..
7. I eat like a pig although I'm always in denial about it! :P

I think next month he starts burping kot since his voice box will be in full form. Well..I've never been someone yang particular about details so I didn't ask that many questions. Except that I will have to go for an ante-natal class with hubby one of these days and need to drink more milk (malas betol!). Other than being the lazy pig that I am..I am perfectly fine.

Time seems to fly though. Nowadays I feel as if I don't have enough time in the day to do stuffs. Other than tak larat and movement is slower than normal..tak sempat. Sedar2 dah ngantok and tido aaa. Need to meet up girls before I burst, need to buy baby stuffs (nanti baby's Wishlist *keji* akan aku keluarkan kat blog aku k?), need to prepare the baby's room..sigh..Have about 3 months left to do all that. Mcm tak sempat.

Picture of the baby now? Tunggu la dia keluar. Gambar scan dia ni tak nampak apa pun. Picture of pregnant me?heheheh....malas nak amik gambar. Tgk la. Kejap lagi aku suruh laki aku amikkan. Org kata kalo perempuan mengandung anak lelaki, dia selekeh. Betul cakap orang tu..walaupun aku bila tak mengandung pun selekeh..Tak suka la amik gambar. But we'll see..

*Ahmad Suhaimi of Subang..or Nany..if you're reading this..Nak job tak? Thought of taking pre-baby photos of me and hubby while I'm pregnant..Simple black and white potraits of us. Ke ada org lain volunteer nak jadi photographer?*

*ye..saya kerja Sabtu ni!*


  1. ah. kesian kamu.

    *nguap baru bangun tido*

  2. aduh enak sekali bgn tido tgh hari Sabtu...


    Mak Buyung keje ke ari Sabtu
    *pura-pura tak tahu...KEJI!



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