Dec 18, 2008

Only for My Puan S

My dear Sophie,

I know it was very traumatizing for you as per what happened to you on Monday and I feel partially at fault since it was my idea for us to get-together in Bangsar that day.

But my dear, I'm glad that you're ok. Please remember that's what's most important. It will take some time for you to get back on your feet but please my dear..don't let it take over yourself ok? I've been through the same scenario and I admit memula paranoid jugak nak jalan sorang-sorang. But take your time and try slowly. It will all be okay..insya-allah..

And remember that every cloud has a silver lining..perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. Maybe none of us can see why did this happened to you and there is no way anything good would come out of it..but insya allah..ada la tu nanti.

You take care ok and remember that all of us are here for you anytime you need us. You know where to find us.

Love you!

*Sophie got snatched in Lucky Garden last Monday. Her full story at Ida's blog (click here). She's ok but kinda shaken by the whole experience. I hope she feels better soon. To everyone else, please be careful with your belongings especially if you're travelling alone. It's desperate times now..ppl do desperate things and sad to say any of us could be the victim. Always..ALWAYS remember that your life is more important than your bag or belongings ok? Be careful everyone!*
*teringat my own experience..I am VERY glad I'm still alive...*


  1. aku penah kene ragut time UM dolu..tapi ko kata aku racist sbb tak cite kat kau.

    jap gi aku YM ko ok?interbiu eksklusif!hehehe!

    *perasan artis la pulak..hampeh!*

  2. kate "supastar"..super mak buyung too me!hahahaa.......hmmphh...aku tuka link ke super buyung la...menariks

  3. ah, sedey2..kem salam kat dia ek.

  4. shapik..
    super buyung to the rescue....
    erk...aku yang kene di rescue..:P

    kan?kan? tapi time tu tgh cuti.member bapak aku cakap parut kat tangan aku cam tatoo naga!hahah!taikache tak aku?

    FYI dia seorang Puan..tapi baiklah..bile dia dah bole nak menjawab panggilan telefon saya kirimkan salam.kang berdosa lak aku tak kirim...

  5. insya allah beeps..she still has her phone. handbag je yang kene curi. you can still reach her at her number if you want..

  6. taikache tak aku?>>>apa ni sha??

  7. Pls dun feel guilty, benda dah nak jadi kan.. Whatever it is, I'm just SO glad she's alright. Lurve u gurls to death!



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